Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Tips to recreate your kitchen into a modern kitchen

If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, know some tips that you can use to recreate it and make it modern:

The first thing you should take into account is that the kitchen is an important room in the house or apartment because it is the space where you spend the most time with family and even friends. It is a space that has become a social area every day and this has led to it evolving from what it was previously kitchen remodel Waukesha.

Tips to recreate your kitchen into a modern kitchen are:

1. Open space: if the architecture of your house or apartment allows it, try to open the space, this may require tearing down a wall or wall. The benefit of this will be to give it spaciousness, improve the interior lighting and will make this a space that invites you to stay and integrates with the rest of the environments such as the dining room or living room.

2. Colors: Use trendy colors like gray or black, these colors are in fashion. Remember that these colors must combine with the rest of the environments and also with the color of your appliances and accessories, so when changing it you may also need to change these.

3. Kitchen furniture: You must first take into account the distribution and design of your kitchen before selecting it, try to maintain the work triangle that consists of keeping the location of the refrigerator, dishwasher and stove in a close and optimal area. . To maintain the modern look, use colors that combine with those mentioned above and avoid the use of textures with wood or similar finishes.

4. Materials or textures: The use of materials for both kitchen countertops and tops is an important part at the level of functionality and complementary to the decoration of your kitchen. The use of stone or marble type textures, solid colors, both glossy and matte, are being widely used. The color of the kitchen furniture and the color of the walls should always match.

5. The floor and tiles: These elements are still equally important as the previous ones, so they must go in harmony with the rest of the elements in your kitchen. As for the tiles or kitchen counter top, you can use the same material as the countertop or top to give it continuity and a very modern look. Avoid using pronounced textures or adding too many colors or illustrations. With the floor it should generate a little contrast but it should be the same color palette as the rest of the kitchen.

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