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Law: Choice of governing law and jurisdiction

This is especially obvious with regards to worldwide business transactions. Contracts are closed between two parties sitting in two different parts of the world and without meeting each other vis-a-vis Law tutor.

In view of that, more accentuation ought to be placed on the private international legal framework of the states, guaranteeing that they don't stale and are up to international guidelines in managing issues that constantly emerge in International businesses.

As cross-border transactions constantly arise, a pertinent issue naming "choice of law" holds significant importance in the private international law applicable to international commercial agreements. Contracts are mere pieces of paper without any legitimate impact unless a specific reference to some private law is given which characterizes the commitments expected by the parties to the agreement and the recommends the way of redress through the appropriate court system in case of failure to perform contractual obligations.

A governing law provision in any commercial contract defines the law which will govern or regulate the contract in the event of a dispute, as opposed, jurisdiction clause specifies the courts or international institution that will have exclusive jurisdiction to try the matter or resolve disputes. These clauses are though equally important as that of the commercial arrangements between the parties; they are yet neglected amid drafting the general terms of the contract and are considered as standard boilerplates at the end of the contract.

It is vital that these conditions gain as much importance as the substantive arrangements of the agreement. Failure of parties to agree on the governing law can lead to expensive and massive suits deciding the relevant law and jurisdiction to be applied to the agreement. Corporate Lawyers of Dubai assist numerous multi-billionaire companies to have tailor-made commercial contracts prior to entering into an agreement which suits the requirements of both the parties.

Choice of Law Provision

The decision of governing law for the contract is one arrangement in the contract where the parties assign the law of a particular jurisdiction to oversee and regulate the disputes merging between the parties. A such, the parties indicate or stipulate that any claim arising out of the contract will be resolved by the law of a concerned jurisdiction. This decision generally becomes binding on the parties when the parties refer the matter to arbitration.

A significant number of parties, according to statistics of the International Chamber of Commerce, involves governing law in their contract. A standard governing law clause states that "this law of this country shall govern the agreement". There are several preconditions which must be considered prior to choosing a particular which are detailed as below:

Worthiness of the Law for resolving dispute:

International law has authorized parties to adopt any law which might govern their contract, ergo, parties mustn't focus on choosing their home country law for purpose of avoiding additional expenses, but must evaluate the worthiness of law in different jurisdiction which will be appropriate for their commercial arrangements. There are numerous jurisdictions which have an offer importance to case laws and precedents, whereas several jurisdiction are silent on such matters and they not even recognize certain notions of the contract.

Jurisdiction issuesParties generally consider the law of a particular jurisdiction wherein they wish to resolve the dispute. However, this standard can be amended as numerous courts are willing to apply foreign law for resolving the matter if the parties have specifically agreed. Yet, parties should be careful while drafting the contract, as it will often be burdensome for parties to decide what foreign law should be applicable, should the dispute arise. They must also be careful as certain jurisdiction does not apply the foreign choice of law and must also consider the manner in which the court will apply the foreign law. On the contrary, most international arbitration institution is readily acceptable on the foreign choice of law and have arbitrators who can easily understand the foreign law to ease the procedure.

Affinity to the lawGiven the vast cases, parties choose the law which they are familiar to rather than opting a more neutral law. Also, the latter can bring unaccepted surprises which parties are not aware of considering dissimilar procedural aspects.


Jurisdiction Provision

Another most common uncertain clause is to determine the jurisdiction where the word "may" and "shall" can bring unwanted confusion. Importantly, if parties which to have a non-exclusive jurisdiction the word "may" can be utilized, on the contrary for an exclusive jurisdiction the word "shall" should be used. An ideal jurisdiction clause states that "the parties shall/may submit their dispute emerging out of or in connection with the concerned agreement to (court /arbitration) of this country."

A bare review of the foregoing standard jurisdiction clause we note that the first step is to determine which institution shall be given authority to resolve the dispute that is either courts or arbitration institute. Both the system have their pros and cons, hence parties should beforehand determine what should be appropriate for the said matter. It most certainly believed that arbitration offers wide variety of options and advantages over courts which are outlined as below:

Choice of arbitrators expert in such matter;

Private proceedings;

Binding decisions;

Choice of governing law;

Choice of enforcing judgments in different territory;

Common language of arbitration.

UAE Law and Choice of Law

In UAE international parties may face needless issues regarding the application of foreign law to govern the contract. As in certain cases, courts inherit the jurisdiction and governs it according to the UAE local laws such as Civil Transactions Law or Civil Procedure Code. In addition, the courts of UAE will not let go jurisdiction to another court over a matter where UAE courts will in all case have the jurisdiction. This is can be witnessed in the following disputes:

Disputes pertaining to real-estate situated in UAE;

Contract finalized in UAE;

Happening of an event in UAE;

Matters regarding the employment of a resident in UAE;

Issues regarding UAE Commercial agencies;

Property matters related to UAE.

In accordance with the above, if the UAE courts will inherit the jurisdiction, the governing law will be the law of UAE itself. Accordingly, the court will strike down the governing law and jurisdiction clause in the agreement.

What do we learn?

What if there is no governing law and jurisdiction clause in a particular contract? Before the parties get an opportunity to determine the dispute on merits, the parties will have to exclusively determine the courts or law that will govern the contract, which is an expensive and cumbersome decision. The non-presence of governing law and jurisdiction clause confuses the parties to determine if there is a dispute or not and leads to unfavourable decisions.

Importance of Family Law Services: Protecting Your Loved Ones

Family law services play a crucial role in safeguarding the well-being and rights of individuals and their loved ones. This article explores the significance of these services in protecting families, addressing issues such as divorce, child custody, adoption, and domestic violence. By understanding the importance of family law services, individuals can navigate legal complexities and ensure the best interests of their family members are upheld Law tutor.


Family law services play a crucial role in safeguarding the well-being and interests of individuals and their loved ones. This branch of law encompasses a wide range of legal matters that pertain to familial relationships, including marriage, divorce, child custody, adoption, and domestic violence. By seeking the assistance of family law services, individuals can navigate through complex legal processes and ensure the protection of their loved ones' rights and welfare. This article aims to shed light on the significance of family law services in safeguarding the interests and security of families, emphasizing the importance of understanding and utilizing these services to protect one's loved ones effectively.

Divorce and separation

Divorce and separation are key areas of family law services that deal with the legal processes and issues surrounding the dissolution of a marriage or partnership. Family law attorneys provide guidance and representation to individuals seeking a divorce or separation, helping them navigate through the complex legal procedures involved.

In this area, family law services cover various aspects such as:

- Legal separation: Family law attorneys assist clients in legally separating from their spouse or partner, which involves determining issues such as property division, spousal support, and child custody.

- Divorce: Family law services encompass the entire divorce process, including filing the necessary paperwork, negotiating settlements, and representing clients in court if needed. Attorneys help clients address issues like asset division, alimony, child custody, and child support.

Child custody and support

Child custody and support are crucial aspects of family law services that focus on the well-being and care of children involved in divorce or separation cases. Family law attorneys help parents navigate the complexities of child custody and support arrangements, ensuring the best interests of the child are prioritized.

Family law services related to child custody and support include:

- Child custody: Attorneys assist parents in determining custody arrangements, including legal custody (decision-making authority) and physical custody (where the child resides). They help negotiate custody agreements or represent clients in court to establish custody orders.

- Child support: Family law services also involve determining child support obligations. Attorneys help calculate child support amounts based on factors such as income, expenses, and the child's needs. They ensure that child support orders are fair and enforceable.

Adoption and guardianship

Adoption and guardianship are key areas of family law services that focus on providing legal frameworks for individuals or couples seeking to expand their families or assume responsibility for a child's well-being.

Family law services related to adoption and guardianship include:

- Adoption: Attorneys guide prospective adoptive parents through the adoption process, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and assisting with paperwork, background checks, and home studies. They help finalize adoptions and ensure the legal rights and responsibilities of all parties involved.

- Guardianship: Family law services also cover guardianship matters, where individuals assume legal responsibility for a child or incapacitated adult. Attorneys help establish guardianship through court proceedings, ensuring the best interests and welfare of the individual under guardianship.

Domestic violence protection

Domestic violence protection is a critical area of family law services that focuses on safeguarding individuals and families from abusive relationships or situations. Family law attorneys play a vital role in helping victims of domestic violence seek legal protection and support.

Family law services related to domestic violence protection include:

- Restraining orders: Attorneys assist victims in obtaining restraining orders or protection orders against their abusers. They guide clients through the legal process, ensuring their safety and well-being.

- Legal advocacy: Family law attorneys provide legal representation and advocacy for victims of domestic violence in court proceedings, helping them navigate through the legal system and obtain the necessary protection and support.

By addressing these key areas of family law services, individuals can better understand the importance of seeking legal assistance to protect their loved ones and ensure their rights and well-being are safeguarded.

Benefits of Family Law Services

Ensuring legal rights and responsibilities

Family law services play a crucial role in ensuring that individuals have a clear understanding of their legal rights and responsibilities within the family unit. These services provide guidance and assistance in navigating complex legal processes such as divorce, child custody, adoption, and property division. By seeking the expertise of family law professionals, individuals can protect their rights and ensure that their interests are represented in legal proceedings.

Providing emotional and financial security

Family law services offer a sense of emotional and financial security to individuals and families facing challenging circumstances. In cases of divorce or separation, these services help individuals understand their entitlements to spousal support, child support, and the division of assets. By providing guidance and advocating for their clients, family law professionals alleviate the stress and uncertainty associated with these matters, allowing individuals to focus on rebuilding their lives and securing their financial future.

Facilitating fair resolutions and agreements

One of the primary benefits of family law services is their ability to facilitate fair resolutions and agreements between parties involved in family disputes. Whether it is negotiating child custody arrangements, visitation schedules, or property settlements, family law professionals act as mediators to ensure that all parties are heard and that a fair outcome is reached. Through their expertise in negotiation and conflict resolution, these professionals strive to minimize animosity and promote cooperation, ultimately leading to more satisfactory and sustainable resolutions.

Safeguarding the best interests of children

Family law services place a strong emphasis on safeguarding the best interests of children involved in family disputes. These services prioritize the well-being and welfare of children, ensuring that their needs are met and their rights are protected. Family law professionals work diligently to establish custody arrangements that promote stability, provide financial support for the child's upbringing, and address any concerns related to their safety and welfare. By advocating for the best interests of children, family law services contribute to creating a nurturing and supportive environment for their growth and development.

By availing themselves of family law services, individuals can benefit from the expertise and guidance of professionals who specialize in navigating the complexities of family legal matters. These services not only ensure the protection of legal rights and responsibilities but also provide emotional and financial security, facilitate fair resolutions, and safeguard the best interests of children.

Choosing the Right Family Law Services

When it comes to selecting the right family law services, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration. This section will explore these factors, emphasizing the importance of communication and trust, seeking specialized expertise for specific cases, and understanding the cost and fees associated with family law services.

Factors to consider when selecting a family law attorney

Choosing the right family law attorney is crucial to ensure that your loved ones are protected and your legal needs are met. Several factors should be considered when making this decision. Firstly, it is important to assess the attorney's experience and expertise in family law. Look for an attorney who has a strong track record in handling cases similar to yours. This will provide you with confidence in their ability to navigate the complexities of family law.

Another factor to consider is the attorney's reputation and client reviews. Take the time to research and read testimonials or reviews from previous clients. This will give you insights into the attorney's professionalism, communication skills, and overall satisfaction of their clients.

Additionally, consider the attorney's availability and responsiveness. Family law matters often require timely action, so it is crucial to choose an attorney who is accessible and responsive to your needs. This will ensure that you receive the necessary support and guidance throughout the legal process.

Importance of communication and trust

Communication and trust are fundamental aspects of any successful attorney-client relationship, especially in family law cases. It is essential to choose an attorney who prioritizes open and transparent communication. They should be able to explain complex legal concepts in a way that you can understand and be readily available to address any concerns or questions you may have.

Trust is equally important when selecting a family law attorney. You need to feel comfortable sharing personal and sensitive information with your attorney, as they will be representing your best interests. Look for an attorney who demonstrates empathy, compassion, and confidentiality. Building a strong foundation of trust will ensure that you can work together effectively to achieve your desired outcomes.

Seeking specialized expertise for specific cases

Family law encompasses a wide range of legal matters, including divorce, child custody, adoption, and domestic violence. Each case is unique and may require specialized expertise. When choosing family law services, it is crucial to consider the attorney's experience and knowledge in the specific area of law that pertains to your case.

For example, if you are going through a divorce, seek an attorney who has extensive experience in divorce proceedings, property division, and spousal support. If you are dealing with child custody issues, look for an attorney who has a strong background in child custody laws and has successfully handled similar cases in the past. By selecting an attorney with specialized expertise, you can have confidence that they understand the intricacies of your case and can provide the best possible representation.

Understanding the cost and fees associated with family law services

Before engaging the services of a family law attorney, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the cost and fees involved. Family law cases can be financially demanding, so it is crucial to discuss the attorney's fee structure upfront. Some attorneys charge an hourly rate, while others may offer a flat fee or work on a retainer basis.

In addition to the attorney's fees, there may be other costs associated with your case, such as court filing fees, expert witness fees, or mediation costs. It is important to discuss these potential expenses with your attorney and ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of the financial implications.

Furthermore, consider discussing payment options and potential payment plans with your attorney. This will help you plan and budget accordingly, ensuring that you can afford the necessary legal representation without compromising your financial stability.

By considering these factors when choosing Forte Family Lawyers, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your specific needs and ensures the protection of your loved ones.

The Importance of Family Law Services: Protecting Your Loved Ones

Family law services play a crucial role in safeguarding the well-being and rights of individuals within a family unit. These services encompass a wide range of legal matters that pertain to familial relationships, including marriage, divorce, child custody, adoption, and domestic violence. By seeking the assistance of family law professionals, individuals can navigate complex legal processes and ensure the protection of their loved ones. This section delves into the significance of family law services and highlights the various ways in which they contribute to the welfare of families.

Ensuring Fair Resolutions in Divorce Cases

Divorce can be an emotionally challenging and legally intricate process. Family law services provide guidance and support to individuals going through a divorce, ensuring that their rights and interests are protected. These professionals assist in negotiating fair settlements regarding property division, spousal support, and child custody. By having a knowledgeable family law attorney by their side, individuals can navigate the complexities of divorce proceedings and work towards achieving a resolution that is in the best interest of all parties involved.

Safeguarding the Rights of Children

Child custody and support are critical aspects of family law that aim to protect the rights and well-being of children. Family law services help parents establish custody arrangements that prioritize the child's best interests, taking into account factors such as their emotional and physical needs, educational requirements, and relationship with each parent. Additionally, family law professionals assist in ensuring that child support obligations are met, providing financial stability for the child's upbringing. Through these services, the rights and welfare of children are safeguarded, promoting their overall development and happiness.

Facilitating Adoption and Surrogacy Processes

Family law services also play a vital role in facilitating adoption and surrogacy processes. These legal professionals guide individuals or couples through the complex procedures involved in adopting a child, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and protecting the rights of all parties involved. Similarly, in cases of surrogacy, family law services help individuals navigate the legal intricacies surrounding the arrangement, ensuring that the rights and responsibilities of both the intended parents and the surrogate are clearly defined and protected.

Addressing Domestic Violence and Abuse

One of the most critical aspects of family law services is addressing domestic violence and abuse within familial relationships. These professionals provide support and legal assistance to victims of domestic violence, helping them obtain restraining orders, file for divorce, and secure their safety. Family law services also work towards preventing further harm by advocating for the rights of victims and holding perpetrators accountable for their actions. By addressing domestic violence through legal means, family law services contribute to creating a safer environment for individuals and families.


Family law services are of utmost importance when it comes to protecting the rights, well-being, and stability of individuals and families. Whether it involves divorce, child custody, adoption, or addressing domestic violence, these services provide the necessary legal expertise and support to navigate complex family-related matters. By seeking the assistance of family law professionals, individuals can ensure fair resolutions, safeguard the rights of children, facilitate adoption and surrogacy processes, and address domestic violence effectively. Ultimately, family law services play a crucial role in preserving the harmony and security of families, allowing them to thrive and flourish.

Various types of window curtains to choose from

 The beautiful window curtains help to enhance the feel of a room. Dressing the windows with elegant window curtains is basically for blocking the sunlight.

The window curtains can provide an airy ambience. They provide the warm touch in order to augment the glow of your room. So choose the appropriate window curtain Made to measure curtains.

Windows make your room comfortable and airy. This means that the window curtains material is noticeably important. There are different varieties of cloth to be chosen from. It can be cotton to more elegant options like lace, satin as well as silk. You can have light material for window curtains which will allow sunlight to filter through. The window curtains made of a thick material will block out the sunlight. For window curtains made of silk, interline them with flannel, and then line them with cotton. Or else, the silk material will become pale very fast due to the effect of sunlight. Long window curtains look spectacular, but the additional length of the curtain is prone to picking up dirt. You will need to clean such window curtains regularly. While sewing window curtains, make sure that they are not excessively long. Keep your window curtains a few inches above the ground.

You can get affordable and cheap window curtains in several print fabrics, solid colors, as well as a huge selection of material. Many people prefer earth-colored window curtains, while many others prefer to have bright colors on their curtains. Besides solid colors, the floral print window curtains are also very popular. Try to mix and match different types of colors and materials in order to give your window curtains a unique appeal. Window curtains form a beautiful part of your home. Hence, find just the perfect window curtains in order to offer a proper atmosphere of comfort as well as warmth. These window curtains provide the final touch to any interior. The curtains are available in numerous colors and designs. The window curtains may have several different functions depending on the area of the house. Designs are crucial for interior decoration. The window curtains can accent certain household décor. The window curtains provide a more accurate function depending on the need of the customer. Each style of window curtains has a specific purpose. It is the type of window that will determine the overall type of window curtains that should be used in order to cover up the open area. 

The window curtains used in bedrooms are designed to block out light and visibility from the outside in order to provide privacy. Such window curtains are often thick.  

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Analyzing the Financial Implications of Real Estate Investment

Real estate has emerged as a prominent investment avenue over the past few decades, offering the potential for substantial returns over time. This article delves into the financial considerations of property investment, examining both capital gains and rental income strategies. We'll explore the nuances of rental yields, the impact of various costs on investment returns, and the timing of property purchases, particularly in dynamic markets like porta potty rental.

The Allure of Capital Gains in Property Investment

Investing in real estate can be a lucrative endeavor, especially when considering the long-term appreciation of property values. There are numerous accounts of individuals who invested a modest sum in real estate several decades ago, only to see their property's value skyrocket into the crores today. However, such investments are typically characterized by their illiquidity, as they often involve holding onto the property for an extended period before realizing any financial gain. Illiquid assets, by nature, do not provide immediate income and require patience from investors.

Rental Properties: A Path to Wealth Accumulation

An alternative to waiting for capital appreciation is to invest in rental properties. This strategy allows investors to generate monthly rental income in addition to the potential capital gains from property value appreciation over time. For those new to real estate investment, a relatively small down payment (usually 15-20%) can secure a rental property, with the rental income used to cover mortgage payments. This leverage can result in significant returns relative to the initial investment.

Case Study: Leveraging Rental Income for High Returns

Consider an investor looking to purchase a property valued at Rs. 1 Crore. With a 20% down payment of Rs. 20 lakhs, the remaining amount can be financed through a home loan. If the property is rented out, the monthly rental income can offset the mortgage interest. Selling the property later for Rs. 1.2 Crore, and assuming the rental income covered the loan interest, the investor would realize a 100% return on the invested Rs. 20 lakhs. In contrast, had the investor used their own funds entirely for the purchase, the return would be 20% on the investment.

However, selecting a rental property requires careful consideration of factors such as capital gains and rental yields. Unlike purchasing a home for personal use, investors must evaluate these financial metrics to make informed decisions.

Understanding Rental Yield

Rental yield is a critical metric for assessing the profitability of a rental property. It represents the annual rental income as a percentage of the property's value.

Calculating Gross Rental Yield

The formula for Gross Rental Yield is as follows:

Gross Rental Yield = (Annual Rental Income / Cost of the Property) * 100

For a property purchased at Rs. 12,00,000 that generates a monthly rent of Rs. 10,000, the Gross Rental Yield would be:

Gross Rental Yield = (10,000 * 12 / 12,00,000) * 100 = 10%

This indicates that the investor earns 10% of the property's cost as rental income annually. However, investors must also account for various property expenses when calculating the Net Rental Yield.

Property Expenses to Consider

Taxes: Property and income taxes associated with the property.

Maintenance Charges: Costs for repairs, furnishings, and replacements.

Agent Fee: Fees for services to find tenants, unless the investor does this independently.

Non-Occupancy: The possibility of the property being vacant for at least a month each year.

Net Rental Yield is calculated by subtracting these expenses from the annual rental income before dividing by the cost of the property and multiplying by 100.

Rental Yield as an Investment Comparison Tool

Gross Rental Yield serves as a comparative tool for analyzing different locations as investment options. However, investors should also estimate the Net Rental Yield for a more accurate ROI on a specific property.

The Dynamics of City Selection for Property Investment

The growth of the rental market in cities like Bangalore and Mumbai can be attributed to factors such as job opportunities and property prices. Bangalore, known as the IT capital, attracts a workforce that fuels rental demand. Mumbai's high property prices lead many professionals to rent rather than buy. These trends make these cities interesting case studies for property investment analysis.

Is Bangalore the Right Market for Property Investment?

Bangalore is increasingly becoming a hot spot for real estate investors, offering significant returns compared to other Asian cities. The presence of multinational companies and job opportunities drives demand for housing, making it an attractive market for both end-users and investors. Festival seasons often bring discounts and incentives from developers, making it an opportune time to invest. The demand for premium homes from HNIs and NRIs is expected to sustain, indicating that now may be the right time to invest in Bangalore.

What Type of Property Offers High Returns in Bangalore?

The demand for apartments and flats in the premium and middle-class segments is high, especially those equipped with amenities catering to IT professionals. For those looking to invest in their dream home or an investment property, the current market conditions in Bangalore suggest that it may be an ideal time to invest.

In conclusion, real estate investment requires a thorough understanding of market dynamics, rental yields, and the impact of various costs on returns. By considering these factors, investors can make informed decisions and potentially reap significant financial rewards.

How to Choose a Tibetan Bowl

Tibetan bowls seem to be all the rage these days. Many people are tuning into their healing capabilities and learning how to use them. The two questions I get all the time are: 'How do I choose a good bowl" and 'How do I know which bowl is good for a specific chakra'.  People also call to obtain a bowl with a certain musical note.  My answers to these questions are founded in the Eastern philosophy rather than from a Western mindset, because this better reflects the nature of the instruments as they were intended. Bear in mind that many bowls are being made now that look old and are not. They have neither the metals, tones, history nor spiritual inheritance of the really old instruments that make the ancient ones so unique Reiki.

Choosing a good bowl requires a few things.

Quality: Educating yourself on the look and sound of an good bowl and learning from  someone who knows. Many people sell bowls and most are new and machine made to look old. Most people will not be able to tell the difference between an antique and a good reproduction. Just because someone sells a bowl or is Tibetan doesn’t mean they are knowledgeable. It takes a trained eye and ear. In the US old can mean 50 years. That is new by my standards. A real old bowl will be at least 100 years old and more often hundreds of years old.  There are several signs of age in a bowl including the shape, the markings inside and out, the thickness of the metal especially on the bottom (thinner is usually older), and the tone. Also, not all old bowls are good bowls. Tone, vibrations, harmonics, awakenness, warmth and longevity of sound all come into play. Bowls were made in a variety of regions of Tibet and their shape and markings are telling.  Some of the bowls have consciousness transformation as their primary intention, and some have physical healing.  This can be determined by their shape.  A high quality, ancient bowl is an investment with a price range from $110 for a very small bowl to thousands of $$ for a huge bowl. If it is inexpensive and old, then it was probably obtained in a less than honorable manner- or not of good quality.


On the other side of the coin is the seller who hikes up the price claiming that a bowl is from the 16th or 17th century. If you really want to determine the exact age of a bowl, you have to carbonize it-melt it down thereby destroying it. Ask where and who authenticates the bowls and how the age was determined and tune into your intuition about the story you are being told. Find out where they come from.. Nepal, Tibet, Mongolia, India. Find out how long the supplier has been purchasing bowls and how they get them.


 In Asia, the only way to establish a good and trustworthy relationship with a supplier is over a number of years, and eyeball to eyeball. So the few people who go over themselves to select instruments over a period of years will get the best bowls.


Usage: It is useful to determine what you will use the bowl for: ie meditation, grounding, physical healing ? Do you want to integrate a few bowls into an existent modality or use them with other instruments in a musical vain, or become a sound healer? Do you wish to use them in yoga classes for the relaxation at the end? Are you a nurse and wanting to use them with patients during your rounds? Is this a way for you to call meetings to order in the corporate setting? The answers to these questions will also impact on your choices. It is a good idea to know what you will use them for before you purchase. Collecting bowls is also an organic process. If you obtain one good quality bowl and take the time to really play it until you know its many possible voices and tones, then obtaining another others is a matter of choosing those that harmonize easily with the first one in the context of how they will be used..  There are many types of mallets ie: wood, suede covered, felt covered and each is available in fat or thin, heavy and light versions. Each mallet has will produce a different sound from the bowl when used properly. Remember that both the bowls and the mallets need ‘breaking in time” and that can only happen thorough playing them. The more you play, the richer the sounds you will hear. Just like any other instrument, the bowls respond differently when the metals are warmed up. As the mallets develop grooves and texture they will also deliver better textures of sound from the bowls.


Tone: A bowl should hold its vibration and linger for quite some time when struck producing several layers of tones and overlaying harmonics and overtones. If the vibration and the volume of a bowl piddles out quickly, it is not of high quality. Equally, if it has a singular tone or sounds tinny it is also of substandard quality. Always strike a bowl with the padded portion of a stick rather than wood or suede to produce a soft expansive sound..


When you sing a bowl (rub the rim with the wooden or leather part of a stick) there are several things to consider. How ‘awake’ the bowl is: some bowls sing right away, and some need to be played for a while and ‘broken back in’. This is neither good nor bad but it is important to know so you don’t dismiss a potentially great instrument just because it doesn’t sing right away. Remember also that you can never “get” a bowl to can only invite the sound and wait for it to come up.   When you hear a bowl, listen to your body. If it opens your heart, or moves you deeply in some manner; if you feel tingling all over, or the tone directly impacts one area of your body or grounds you- these are all good signs. Bowls were created for consciousness transformation and healing. You should feel their effect on you.


If you have more than one bowl then it is good to play them together so that their tones harmonize. Eventually, they will anyway, because that is their nature and magic, but why not help the process by starting with bowls that sound great together right away? Note that with several bowls, playing them in one pattern may sound very good and another pattern may not! \



How a bowl looks is also part of the selection process. Its size, shape and personality should be attractive to you.  Since there are many types of bowls, each with its own history and shape, it is a good idea to spend some time just looking to see if there is one that attracts you more than others.  When you place it in your hand it should feel wonderful-  like it belongs there. It should not be too heavy for you or too tiny for the size of your hands.  There are some bowls that have deep  hammer marks and some that have a shiner patina. Some have sanscrit mantras and others  have symbols enscribed on them. All of these things should be taken into consideration when you seek a bowl.

Bowls and Chakras.  In the west we work with seven chakras.  The Tibetans work with five regions of the body. The bowls were created to bring us back to our experience of the interrelationship of all things; thus they are not calibrated to work on any one chakra to the exclusion of the rest. Their very nature encompasses our wholeness.  In this way they are very different instruments then the western counterparts- tuning forks and crystal bowls.  However there are some bowls whose tone and size lend themselves more naturally to certain areas of the body. ( ie.Lower tones for grounding, largest bowls by the feet, soothing mid tones around the head, and higher tones and small bowls over the 3rd eye, etc.  Bowls on the heart, solar plexus and sacrum are good to have in a descending tonal pattern from heart to sacrum.) Every bowl will also respond to intention.   Having many bowls is wonderful but understand that even if you have only ONE bowl, it will impact all of you, and not just one chakra. 


In the west, we are preoccupied with assigning a certain note to a certain area of the body. This works well with some modalities but since the Tibetan bowls produce harmonics, and since they are created to reflect wholeness, it is not necessary to choose a bowl for its note. This does not dismiss the more western approach of choosing specific bowls for their notes and correspondences to areas of the body, but gives you a wider perspective from which to choose.

Should You Choose an Online NLP Practitioner Training Course?

Online NLP practitioner training is a great way to develop new skills to help people cope with their problems, and you can also apply it to your own life in many ways. If you want to become an NLP practitioner, it is important that you find a program that will give you a practical guide that you can easily apply to your everyday life Kambo Practitioner.

Learning NLP Techniques Online

Before you choose an online NLP practitioner training course, you may want to learn more about the techniques that you can take advantage of once you have invested in the program. Download a free eBook on NLP techniques online to understand the way that NLP works.

What will You Learn with an NLP Practitioner Training Course

Before you begin your search for a training program, you may want to know more about what this type of course will provide you with. First, you will be introduced to the NLP modeling structure and learn how the language of your mind affects your actions and subsequently the outcomes that you experience.

You will then learn about how to set goals and how to get those goals. There are some technical terms that you will learn about: presuppositions and submodalities in particular. You will also learn how to consciously use language to your benefit and how to reframe certain situations so that you can begin to get what you want instead of what you don’t want. NLP will also teach you about integration and hypnosis.

Connecting the Puzzle Pieces

If you are unfamiliar with NLP, you may have a difficult time comprehending how all of these different ideas will collectively help you achieve a better result in your life, but after you have taken the course, all of these pieces will come together so that you can form a perfect puzzle in your mind.

Becoming an NLP Practitioner with an Online Training Course

If you are looking to become an NLP coach or practitioner, an online NLP practitioner training course will give you the ability to learn everything that you need to begin your journey. If you want to help people learn how to transform their lives to earn more money, find better relationships, and improve their physical fitness, an online NLP practitioner training course can help you become acquainted with the material so that you can understand how to become a coach or practitioner.

One reason that so many people prefer to learn about NLP online is because it allows them to do so at their own convenience. If it’s difficult to find the time to commit to learning NLP, an online training course is the best option. You will have the training resources for as long as you need them, and you can refer back to those whenever you need to refresh your memory and learn how to reapply the techniques effectively. These training materials can also help you more effectively teach other people about NLP and how to re-program their mind to reach their true potential.

Keep protecting your CBD Oil with our Custom Packaging boxes

Buy bulk CBD Hemp Oil Boxes at wholesale rates from us. Boxes Me is the best and most trustworthy place in the market that customizes premium quality Cannabis Oil Boxes. We offer the minimum rates and the best quality Kambo Stick. You must experience with us; it will help you to take your business to the next level.

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Boundless personalization option with custom cannabis oil boxes:

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Wholesale CBD Hemp Oil Boxes to promote your business:

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Reasonable CBD Hemp Oil Boxes with multiple benefits:

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Get Classy Look for your Product with our packaging:

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At boxes Me you can customize your boxes with advanced printing technology. You can get 2D, 3D, and digital printing. If you want to give a shiny look you can also choose the silver and gold foiling. For prominent, your brand name and logo embossing are the best technique that is also available here. It will give a classy look to it and helps to promote your brand name.

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Ideas to Turn Your Normal Weed Shop into the Best Weed Shop

Weed or marijuana is a grass like substance that is used for getting intoxicated. In many countries in the world, it is considered as an illegal substance and falls in the category of “banned substances” and if someone is found possessing such things, they are criminally prosecuted  Kambo Stick.

But, in some countries of the world, it is no longer a banned substance and can be legally sold and purchased for both medicinal and recreational uses. It is a very good step taken by the governments of these countries since, unlike popular belief among the people; weed actually has a lot of good qualities. Also, the countries that have made weed legal, earn a lot of revenue in taxes, and this has helped them in the development of their country as well.

Ever since its legalization, many weed dispensaries have popped up in different parts of the country, and it is difficult to say which one of them is deemed as the best weed shop. But there are certain things, which every weed dispensary could start doing for their customers and some of them are mentioned below here.

Sell bongs: A good weed shop along with selling weed also sells equipment, like bongs, and paper with which joints are made. It really makes things easier for the buyer who is visiting your shop to purchase weed. A lot of weed shops are already doing this, so if you are not one of them, then maybe it is the time you do.

Giving disclaimers: Many people, who suffer from anxiety or depression, take a weed in small quantities because it relieves them of this problem. But if taken in large amounts, it can lead to serious hallucinations, which would only worsen their condition. The weed dispensary should inform their buyers about these things so that any unwanted problems are avoided. Also, there is a certain variety of weed called wax, and it is said to be a very highly potent variety of marijuana. The weed seller should warn their customers about this because taking too much of the wax has caused people to end up in hospitals.

Tell new ways: Another thing that weed shops could do is tell their customers some new ways in which they can consume the weed that they are buying. A lot of people only take weed either via a blunt or a bong, whereas there are a lot of other ways to consume weed. Like for example, by baking them in brownies or cookies, or mixing them in a milkshake, etc.

Sell snack items: After consuming weed and going through the initial state of “high,” people get really hungry. What weed shops can do is sell the commonly eaten food items like packets of chips, cookies, pop tarts, etc, that people eat when they get that hunger and crave for food. It can be a good thing for business, as well.

So, these are some new things that weed shops can try and do to increase their inflow of customers and get considered as one of the best weed shops in the area.

5 Ideas On How Your Dispensary Design Will Stand Out

Now more than ever, it is important for dispensaries to stand out in a competitive cannabis industry. Here are some ideas on how to make your dispensary stand out so you can attract customers buy weed.

Since the legalization of cannabis, dispensaries have emerged here and there. As the competition in the industry heats up, you need to find ways to make your dispensary stand out from the rest. The design of your store is one of the factors you should consider to stand out to those who search for “dispensary near me open.”

In a competitive industry such as cannabis, a sharp logo and nice website isn’t enough. If you find yourself competing with several dispensaries in your area, create a great dispensary design that will attract potential customers. Don’t know how to get started? Here are some tips for creating a design that stands out from the competition.

Open Floor Plan 

As a dispensary owner, one of your topmost priorities should be the comfort of your customers. For first-time customers, visiting a cannabis can be an uneasy experience. Customers may find discomfort in your dispensary having cramped spaces. Implementing an open floor plan is one of the ways you can ensure a positive customer experience.

For example, you can put your inventory on the walls instead of cluttering the middle. You can align furniture symmetrically with the wall decorations and the lights. Keep in mind the importance of a clutter-free and balanced retail space.

Consider your ambiance 

To attract more customers, you should also consider the ambiance of your dispensary as it relates with your branding. The atmosphere and character of your store should match your branding and target demographic. If your dispensary ambiance do not match your branding or audience. You run the risk of both turning away potential customers and harming your brand image.

Devise design elements that stimulates the sense of sight, sound, touch, and smell. Choose the kind of lighting and décor you will use, the kind of sound you want your customers to hear, and the texture or feeling of the surfaces.

Strategically use digital signage 

Like most dispensary owners, you can easily get tempted to saturate your sales floor with digital signage and menus. You may also think of putting flat-screen TVs behind the counter and call it a day. Remember the customer’s journey should always be your priority.

Instead of behind the counter, why not position your flat-screen TVs next to display products so they will be educated about the product on display and feel less pressured to make a decision. Alternatively, you can use tablets to allow customers to review information about cannabis strains.

Reduce Wait Times

Cutting down on wait times is vital in a dispensary. You may have the most beautiful dispensary but if transactions take a long time, it won’t matter. At the same time, you don’t want to make customers feel they are being rushed out of the door. You need to strike a balance between excellent service and fast service.

Educate your customers

Some of your customers may be first-timers who may feel overwhelmed by all the choices laid to them on the table. You should make them feel comfortable by providing them with resources that will help them understand what they will be buying. Explaining to them the concepts and terminologies will make them feel at ease.

Everything To Know About Working In A Dispensary

The legalization of cannabis has turned marijuana-related businesses into a legitimate industry. In 2016 alone, the marijuana market made $6.7 billion. Currently, marijuana is already legal in 26 states and push for national legalization continues to gain ground dispensary near me dispensary near me.

The continuous move for legalization has paved the way for the proliferation of cannabis dispensaries throughout the country. The opening of dispensaries has generated more jobs for Americans. As of 2019, legal cannabis has created 211,000 full-time jobs in America. Today, the industry is the biggest job generator in the country.

Planning to venture into a career in one of the best dispensaries in Colorado Springs? Here is a list of what you can expect from working in a cannabis dispensary.

It’s a serious career

Make no mistake about it. Working in a dispensary is a serious job. Many people assume that people working in a dispensary are just legal weed dealers. Instead of the transactions being held in a back alley, they will just come to the store. Also, there is a misconception that dispensary workers will just goof off behind the counter waiting for customers.

There is no truth to that. Working in dispensaries is a serious career. More and more people are now using cannabis to treat illnesses and for anxiety and depression relief. Also, dispensary workers undergo a background check.

You need to be licensed

Even though it is legal, marijuana is still a heavily regulated industry. Cannabis is still a Schedule I controlled substance, subjecting it to Federal laws. Some dispensary jobs require a government issued license. Employing licensed staff is a way of keeping your dispensary compliant with the laws.

Wide variety of jobs to choose from  

There are different jobs to choose from in a dispensary. You can work as a grower or budtender. You can also work as managers, administrators, or accountants. There are also possible works for selling pipes and bongs.

Don’t expect to get high all day

If you think that working in a dispensary will give you an opportunity to smoke weed and get paid for? Well you’re wrong. Even though it’s in the business of selling weed, smoking is still considered unacceptable behavior. It is not only unprofessional but also subject to severe consequences.

Dispensary jobs are not easy

If you think dispensaries are places where you can slack off all day, think again. Your employer wouldn’t pay you for slacking off or for smoking weed. It is best to consider working in a dispensary like a traditional job.

In order to become successful with your dispensary career, here are some tips you should consider:

Get experience. Before considering a job a dispensary, try looking at your skillset first. You may have to enhance your main skills first. Find out what related skills are missing and fill in those gaps first. You might have to get experience outside first before working in a dispensary.

Stay updated with trends. The cannabis industry is continuously evolving so you need to stay abreast or lose out to the competition. Check out industry publications and social media to see the latest strains.   

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Strategies to attract more subscribers on YouTube

The subscriber acquisition strategy is important to increase the community . Don't forget that YouTube constitutes an interactive social experience black profile, which you have to keep alive by attracting new subscribers and building loyalty among current ones.

Making the channel known not only depends on the creation of relevant, quality and well-optimized content. Within the challenge of attracting the attention of your audience, you will need a subscriber acquisition strategy with the aim of increasing visitor traffic or, in other words, the number of views on the channel.

The most used strategies to attract subscribers range from the typical calls to action that you place in different locations of the channel and video, to support with the rest of the social networks, in addition to the interesting resource that consists of creating synergies or agreeing on cross collaborations between brands.

Use social networks

Relying on other online spaces to promote or disseminate YouTube channel content is an effective way to attract subscribers. As a strategy, it is very beneficial because it provides added value to those websites, blogs or social networks where you broadcast your videos. 

YouTube provides you with the necessary functionality to make an automated and one-way connection (it will show the channel activity) on Facebook and Twitter, although it is beginning to be interactive on Google +, as it allows a comment made on a certain video on this social network Also appear in the YouTube video.

It is important to activate these options to be able to share your activity on the channel. This way, every time you upload a video you will automatically share it with the rest of your profiles on other social networks. It is also interesting to make posts, publish comments on Facebook and tweets asking your subscribers to follow you on YouTube.

Synergies between channels

Cross-promotions of content between brands are a great help when it comes to promoting a channel for free, without having to resort to the expensive resource of investing in the creation of advertising ads.

However, you must analyze your case to choose the best strategy and opt for one option or the other, or even both in combination.  Think about it, it will be a shame if you don't take advantage of other relevant channels with which to maintain tremendously beneficial relationships for both of you.

If you have friendly brands with a presence on YouTube, you have a treasure . All you need to do is exchange links located on your respective channels, as featured links, to get cross-subscribers.

It is even more productive if, in addition, the other brand's channel includes you in a playlist, and you do the same. Another option would be to create videos together taking advantage of each person's different specialties or strengths. For example, in the case of a synergy between a modeling agency and a musical group, a video could be created in which a model catwalk is combined with background music, achieving a strategy to gain subscribers.

In summary, the types of actions in increasing order of effectiveness will be: 

  • Mutually include channels in your respective featured channel lists.
  • Include videos from the other channel in your own playlists, thus crossing views.
  • Make videos together and publish them on both channels to direct directly from one channel to another.

Adwords Advertising

Also remember that you have the possibility of promoting your channel through paid ads such as Adwords, which allows you to schedule your ads directly on YouTube.

It is not necessary or essential, but if you have the budget to do it it can make a big difference, especially in the earliest phases of the project.

Youtube Analytics

Analytics is a classic tool for monitoring the performance of websites and blogs that is also available for YouTube, with the logical use of channel traffic control through detailed statistical monitoring that you can follow from your YouTube account.

Specifically, Anaytics shows you graphs, data, reports with history of reproductions, traffic sources, audience retention, number of “Likes” or “I don't like” and a long series of data that allows you to plan based on the same.

Regularly reviewing the Analytics data for your channel is essential to work on the strategy taking this valuable information into account. It will be of invaluable help to evaluate performance and make decisions based on them in order to generate new content of interest. 

You should periodically (at least every month) do a small check on the health of your channel to try to correct and improve different aspects of the channel that can help you continue growing and generating quality content.

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If you have a fanpage, you have surely noticed that after the last algorithm change, it has become more difficult to gain followers on Facebook. Therefore, many of our clients ask us, what can we do? Despite the difficulty of gaining followers on Facebook organically, there are certain tricks and strategies that we can use to energize our page. For this reason, your Advertising, Communication, Online Marketing and Photography Agency in Seville, we have prepared this post with the best strategies that will make you gain followers on Facebook black profile. Take note!

5 strategies that will make you gain followers on Facebook

1. Improve interaction = improve positioning

One of the differences of the new algorithm change compared to the previous one is that it is now more difficult for other users to see our publications. In order to solve this, we need to improve our positioning within Facebook. And this is achieved through interaction. That is, the more interaction our publications have, the more visible they will be. In addition, publications that generate emotions ("I love it", it amazes me", etc.) prevail over those that we simply like. In short, we have to seek to improve our interaction if we want to gain followers on Facebook organically.

2. Create contests and promotions

As we have said before, the key to Facebook's new algorithm is interaction. And a good way to improve our interaction and make our content go viral is by holding raffles, contests and promotions. For example, through a giveaway in which the requirement to participate is to like the publication and comment on it. But be careful, Facebook has its rules. If you do not comply, they can delete your publication, and even suspend your page. Review them before publishing your giveaway.

3. Invite your contacts

It seems obvious, but we often forget. Inviting your own contacts to follow our page is now much easier: just a couple of clicks will send the relevant invitations. It may not give us a large number of followers, but it is the best way to start gaining interaction and viralization on our fanpage.

4. Content is king

It's a mantra we must repeat: content is king. What does it mean? Well, the key to generating interaction and being successful online is good content. Thousands of marketing strategies and tricks will be of no use to you if your content does not connect with your followers, if it does not work. Therefore, prepare original, attractive and quality content for your Facebook page. And always adjust them to your target. You will see how you gain results!

5. Invite users who have interacted

Many users do not know it, but it is possible to invite all those users who have interacted with our publications but do not follow us. You can do this from the options of each publication, which shows which people have reacted to our publication. This option is great for us after a giveaway or contest. You'll see how you gain followers!

How to get more followers on Instagram in 2023: 12 free and paid ways

Instagram is one of the most business-friendly social media platforms – over 90% of all Instagram followers follow at least one business. It's no surprise that we all want to grow our profiles and get more followers on Instagram black profile.

Are you dreaming of one million or 5,000 active followers on Instagram? You need something like Instagram SEO to get more followers and give yourself an advantage.

Here are 12 tactics to get more followers on Instagram. You can click on any tips on how to grow on Instagram for more details, or read the entire article to improve your promotion strategies or create a new one from scratch.

Create a content strategy for Instagram and maintain it

Without a clear and effective Instagram marketing strategy and without having a ton of unique or specific ideas up your sleeve, you don't have much chance of increasing your followers. Start with the following questions:

Why are you here?

What objectives do you want to achieve?

Who is your target audience?

What type of content do you like?

What makes your audience follow you?

By getting answers to these questions, you will learn how to get more subscribers on Instagram.

To get quick information about your audience, you can use any social listening tool. All you need is to write several keywords that describe your sector, brand, product, service or even a characteristic. You can also add filters that allow you to narrow your search.

Once monitoring is started, you can expect to get a portrait of your potential customers – every person who has mentioned you, or your brand is subject to investigation – based on metrics such as Age, Gender and Countries . Additionally, you can estimate the sentiment of your posts.

Once you've identified your target audience, it's time to create a content plan for Instagram. To figure out your tactics, you need to define:

when to post on Instagram and how often;

what content topics to cover;

what visuals to make;

what hashtags to use and how many.

By clarifying these points, you can specify your visual and text style, discover convenient editing tools, create branded hashtags, prepare and schedule a post on Instagram through specific tools that allow Instagram management. It can encourage you to be consistent when posting on Instagram, which users will appreciate.

For example, the team at this wedding dress store created a branded hashtag on Instagram encouraging customers to replicate it in their photos. As you can see, this tactic works really well.

2. Optimize your Instagram account information

Instagram has updated search options for regular users and business profiles. Now they can use not only hashtags but also keywords to search on the platform.

To deliver relevant results, Instagram's algorithm takes into account the quality and type of an Instagram post, as well as the time it was published. This means you should optimize your brand page to attract more followers.

If you want to see your page in the first results of the Explore tab, you have to optimize your Instagram profile:

Check your Instagram account name . It should be clear and related to your brand. It is advisable to avoid numbers and special characters in the name. Otherwise, it will be difficult for users to remember and recognize;

Fill your Instagram bio with relevant keywords. Describe what the profile is about and why a user should hit the Follow button. This helps your SEO on Instagram, but remember that you have a limit of 150 characters;

Add a link to your website or landing page where users can find more information about your brand or offering. Additionally, the link will direct traffic from Instagram to your website;

encourages people to tag more , which is really an important point, remember to tag those you mention in an Instagram post as well as try to frequently include your brand in collaborations, guest posts so that they tag you in someone's posts more often; Mutual tagging provides greater visibility, long-term collaborations and increases the number of visits to your profile;

Think of hashtags as keywords, keep in mind the words that people may be using to search for your niche, your product, also keep in mind recent news and competitor campaigns that seem to be popular with your target audience;

To ensure your brand's unique aesthetic , Instagram requires specific attention to profile appearance or focus on one feature. Visual content must be strongly associated with your brand. It's up to you how you prefer to implement this aesthetic, but make sure it meets your standards and stick to it (more on that below).

As the owner of a business Instagram account, you can tag your location, share your contacts, and also indicate the type of business.

For example, the bio of this Instagram profile contains two keywords: ceramics and pottery. The first one helped me find the page very quickly. Think about what queries your potential followers use to find your content and add them to your Instagram bio.

When you start with page optimization, don't forget to also add keywords in Instagram captions and hashtags.

3. Dress up your Instagram account with a branded theme

Instagram is synonymous with aesthetic and high-quality content. On this social network, users want to see pretty images similar to those of famous painters, not random blurry photos. Don't forget that you are competing for their attention with professional photographers and videographers. If your Instagram profile looks like a big family album with photos from all eras, formats and colors, you will lose the war.

Moreover, using brilliant content can answer your question how to get more followers on Instagram. There are a plethora of themes for your home page. They differ in composition, style, color, formats, etc. Instagram is based almost entirely on the visual, so creating your own style and knowing how to carry it post by post undoubtedly contributes to the growth of followers.

Imagine your Instagram grid is a storefront. It should be stylishly decorated and attractive to your viewers. You can take your brand's style book as a basis. Use brand colors, drawings and brand all content with your logo. There are no hard and fast rules for you. Just choose your style and stick to it. It will help you get more Instagram followers who will fall in love with your images.

4. Experiment with Instagram content formats

Your Instagram feed can contain different types of content. The platform offers all the functions to connect with your audience and create attractive images, improving them year after year.

Instagram's algorithm positively evaluates your experiments, pushing your posts to the top of the Feed or Suggested Posts, where potential users can see them. So the variety of content also helps Instagram SEO.

What types of Instagram content can you use to attract organic followers:

Reels are 15-30 second entertainment videos similar to those on TikTok that make heavy use of editing. It is one of the current Instagram trends. You can record them to show off your products, present yourself as an expert, or participate in a viral challenge (read this article if you want to know what Instagram Reels are in more detail).

For example, this baking company recorded a short report about their business and got tons of likes and comments.

IGTV series are ideal for guides, answers to FAQs, tutorials, or other educational content. The maximum video duration is 60 minutes.

Instagram Live session. It is a good real-time video format for online events, presentations or industry gatherings. You can invite influencers as hosts to increase engagement, reach, and followers. It's a great opportunity to draw the immediate attention of many followers to a local influencer, a curious local event, or a can't-miss event that needs to be streamed as it happens.

Longreads in the captions. You are limited to 2,200 characters to tell a fascinating story peppered with relevant keywords for quick search. Post caption lengths of between 1,000 and 2,000 characters are optimal. According to this study, they are the ones that receive the most engagement.

Additionally, you can run a contest, post a meme or infographics, anything that users want to share with their friends via DM, tagging their accounts in the comments or when they post to their Instagram Stories.

Sponsoring user-generated content (or UGC) around your brand through a viral challenge is another way to attract new followers to your page.

Use Instagram analysis tools to measure your results and define the best formats for your business objectives.

5. Create custom stickers for Instagram Stories

Nearly 500 million users create and view at least one Instagram story every day around the world. Using this format is an answer to the question "How to get new followers?" because many Instagram users prefer to follow Stories updates instead of Feed updates. You can observe this even among the members of your group of followers.

Add stickers to your Instagram Stories, many people like this feature and will share stickers on their Instagram accounts. Companies try to keep up with them and provide trending Stories and relevant additions, too.

And don't do it once a week, remember that it is better to publish the story every day. You can not only use already embedded stickers, but also create your own images and GIFs. For example, you can digitize your printed stickers for Instagram.

How to make your personalized stickers? First, select an image you want to use and save it to your smartphone as a .PNG file with a transparent background. It can be your brand logo, mascot or a cool letter just to give a touch to your brand profile or the personality of someone who represents it. Then, you can upload it to your Instagram Stories. Read the full instructions here.

GIF stickers work even better because the Instagram Sticker search library can include them. Other users can find them and add them to their Stories, helping you get more reach and increase your brand awareness.

6. Work with influencers to increase your brand awareness

The best bloggers can also help you increase your followers on Instagram. Surely on Instagram there is a group of influencers in each business niche and category. Partnering with brands that are not your direct competitors can also be fruitful.

Of course, you can run a paid celebrity campaign if your marketing budget allows. However, collaborations with micro-influencers with an average of 10-30,000 followers help to get more subscribers just as well or better.

To find influencers on social media, you can turn to social listening tools. Typically, they select the right accounts by estimating their audience and the number of mentions. Awario also shows the sentiment of its messages - positive, negative or neutral - around your keywords.

The number of followers on Instagram and the engagement rate are important criteria. However, when searching for influencers, pay attention to the feel, tone, and what they value in their posts. You need to find a voice that complements your brand. The best one can reach your target audience and build trust.

Additionally, Awario's Topic Cloud tab helps you discover popular topics around your topic or product. By clicking on them you can see who is talking about them, thus finding new influencers who could be useful in your strategy.

Awario offers reports dedicated to Influencers found in the Reports tab. Here you can see the list of influencers classified by the application according to your settings for each of your alerts within a chosen time period. Accounts will be sorted by audience size, number of mentions, and sentiment, giving you an overview to choose who you can collaborate with.

7. Design your hashtag strategy

On Instagram, hashtags design the navigation system. Your task as a marketer is to integrate your Instagram posts into it and make them optimized for Instagram SEO. This way, Instagram users will easily find your content by clicking on relevant hashtags in other posts or searching for hashtags that interest them.

Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags to a post, but don't abuse them. Finding hashtags is now always easy. You can use a social listening tool, a specialized Instagram tool, or do it manually.

Try to avoid generic words like #spring, #city, #company, and similar hashtags. It is better to choose the trending ones along with relevant hashtags. When searching for hashtags, focus on your topic, brand, and industry.

For example, this computer science museum describes its niche with thematic hashtags. Potential followers can find this post by searching for them.

Here are some tips: Tricks like #followforfollowback and #tagforlikes can also work on Instagram. However, you cannot be sure in advance that the Instagram followers attracted to them are your target audience.

Remember to always check if the hashtags you intend to use are not prohibited, choose the appropriate and popular ones, update this list all the time.

Awario can help you find suitable hashtags for your Instagram posts. Write some keywords related to your niche or brand. After a while, go to Mention Statistics to analyze the Topic Cloud , an illustrative report of hashtags. By the way, you can add new keywords to your already created alert and keep the results you have previously received.

The topic cloud shows the most used hashtags and keywords on social networks and the web. In Dashboard, you can click on any word in the cloud to see all the posts, tweets, and articles in which it has been mentioned.

8. Be active

If you want to be successful with your Instagram account, you have to be sociable and participate on the platform. People are always interested in the personal and human side of brands. Your task as a marketer is to find a unique brand voice, define its tone and the emotions it gives off. And incorporate it into all your Instagram tactics.

Don't hesitate to interact with your followers on Instagram, answering their questions and answers. Take a look at how Nestlé does it.

Additionally, you can follow other accounts - pages of your competitors or clients - and interact with them, leave comments, like posts, and share user-generated content related to your brand with Instagram Stories. Tag people, such as an Instagram influencer you want to collaborate with, or interesting Instagram profiles in your posts. Mentions always attract attention!

People will appreciate your activity if you show that your brand has a human face. However, this Instagram strategy doesn't work when you have an overly promotional account cluttered with monotonous content. Finding a personal angle gives you the opportunity to make your profile more attractive to people.

To avoid this, try to use user-generated content created by your followers as often as possible. That's what social media is made for! Talk to people and share your content to encourage them to take new initiatives, as it creates opportunities for more activities. Campaigns that include user-generated content are undeniably successful, as they make customers part of your brand not only in a commercial way, but also with their soul.

Remember to activate notifications so that your followers receive your immediate response when they need it.

Responding to user comments is all well and good, but putting some effort into visiting their pages and liking their posts or giving them a few shout-outs is invaluable and is sure to be appreciated by your followers.

9. Try Instagram Ads

In 2020, Instagram's potential advertising reach was 1.16 billion users, as Hootsuite said . One of the best formats to showcase your product or service is Instagram Stories with a strong call to action. They perform better 89% of the time.

When scheduling Instagram ad campaigns, you can also choose Photos, Videos, Carousel, Collection, Explore, IGTV, or Shopping ads beyond Instagram Stories. Each ad type has plenty of CTA buttons and helps achieve several marketing goals, including increasing the reach of your Instagram posts among potential followers. As a result, any business can successfully promote Instagram accounts through advertising tools.

However, there is no point in investing in Instagram ads if you don't have quality content that will give you followers on Instagram. What you advertise shouldn't be the only way to get more followers. So focus on content first and then use ads to reach new audiences.

10. Improve content distribution on Instagram

When thinking about how to increase your Instagram followers, you not only need to consider good (and engaging) content, but also choose a distribution tactic. Your content should be self-selling, informative, or fun enough that followers who find it interesting will naturally want to share it. It is not an easy task but it is possible, let your imagination fly and animate the concept of your content.

First of all, try to promote your posts within the social platform. There are many free ways to capture attention beyond ads. For example, scheduling posts on Instagram, don't forget to take advantage of an opportunity and announce a new one on Instagram Stories or Instagram Reels. Additionally, you can collaborate with popular accounts and experts for mutual promotion.

Secondly, having other social channels will be of great help. Syncing your Instagram account with a Facebook page is one of the ways to gain more Instagram followers. You can share Instagram Stories or posts across linked pages in seconds. Adding a link in your account bio on Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitch , and other social networks also works well.

Additionally, you can use your blog to embed your Instagram posts in articles as an example. Sharing a link to your account through your website or your email signature is also a good idea. Additionally, you can announce new posts to your followers in your email newsletter and mention how to find your page through the Instagram app during online events.

Offline marketing materials are also useful for this task. Put your Instagram sticker or QR code on your PDF presentations, printed brochures, flyers, business cards, and even branded packaging. In the end, you can print it and hang it in your store!

11. Be honest

Some strategic meeting management “specialists” may advise you to buy fake Instagram followers. They justify this by saying that a potential follower will not take a look at a page with few subscribers. This is not the best of advice, however, it is one of the most prominent among bad advice.

Yes, you can get many Instagram followers effortlessly in several days. However, instead of consistently achieving success, this dangerous Instagram strategy leads to poor results in the future and reminds us that having a close friend who you can count on is better than having a number of whom you simply don't care:

You lose the credibility of new followers

There are tons of pages full of bots and fake followers on Instagram. People have learned to spot cheaters. Bragging about having a lot of followers on Instagram is not social proof for them if your posts have a low engagement rate.

For example, this sofa store has more than 3,800 followers, but its posts only receive 5 likes and no comments on average. This is not the result you want to get, right? Real followers would provoke a much more receptive reaction, and everyone would notice right away.

You put your money on the table without any guarantee

Your Instagram posts should work for your brand: drive traffic to your website, generate leads, increase brand awareness, etc. Bots and paid Instagram followers won't help you achieve these marketing goals. Additionally, they are extremely untrustworthy, so they can click unfollow at any time.

Additionally, the platform cleans bots regularly. So, by buying followers on Instagram, you can waste money.

Striving to build real relationships with your followers is the key to continuing to develop, not buying followers. Friendly and sincere interaction is attractive to new users. Followers know that here they will be listened to, helped and even receive advice, offers, commercial information and discounts, while becoming another follower of a fake profile or an account with little engagement will not provide any benefit to either the new follower or the rest. of followers on the list.

12. Extra tip

If you still haven't found a suitable approach on how to increase your Instagram followers, listen to the story shared by business coach Gary Vaynerchuk. Many of us heeded his advice early in our careers, and it's still relevant today!

Maybe his original $1.80 strategy will help you get more followers on Instagram. Spoiler: this method requires a lot of your time each day!

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

How to do Pest Control?

Do you have unwanted intruders at home? Offering pest control and removal services in Detroit for bed bugs, mosquitoes, Wildlife, rodent, and more!

A reputable Detroit pest control company specializing in pest control is highly advisable for anyone who has an infestation problem. They offer organic services to all household pests rather than the conventional toxic chemical methods Pest Control in Fort Myers, FL.

This will definitely help the household is free from harmful pests like bedbugs, ants, cockroaches, fleas, and even termites. When searching for a Local Pest Control Service in Detroit, you have to be careful in choosing the one that is right for your needs.

Detroit's rodent population is on the rise due to many reasons including stray, abandoned, and damaged animals.

To maintain the cleanliness of the environment and keep away the rodents, several Pest Control Detroit's specializes in eliminating pests like rats, mice, raccoons, and skunks.

The technicians have high-tech equipment to aid them in capturing the rodents and placing them in small cages for removal. Some other common household pests include ants, spiders, termites, bees, and wasps.

Wildlife control Detroit is a densely populated area with an alarming rate of crime. A lot of house owners, especially the elderly or those living on their own don't feel secure anymore when it comes to their homes.

This is why there are a lot of Detroit affordable pest control companies in Southfield, Michigan that offer organic services to solve your pest issues. They also provide safety services like a thorough cleaning of your home and offices and pest extermination.

You can search online to find a reliable Pest Control company in Southfield, Michigan. There are several reviews written about these pest control companies online and you can easily pick the best one among them.

Read about the experiences of previous clients of each company. By doing this, you will be able to determine which one has the most positive and satisfying customer reviews.

If you are still unsure of which company to hire, you can ask your friends who have hired a pest control company in the past. Their feedback will be very helpful for you to choose the right pest controller in your area.

If you live in Bed Bug Exterminator Southfield Michigan, you don't have to worry about experiencing any major difficulty in eliminating pests. You will not only have peace of mind but also a safe environment in your place.

The workers of these companies are experts in eliminating pests from your home and workplace. They use eco-friendly solutions in eliminating pests like termites, and ants. These companies not only offer services for eliminating pests but also give advice and guidelines for making your home and workplace pest-free.

A pest control company in Southfield, Michigan will be of great help in eliminating termite infestation in your basement and attic. Most of these companies offer services for both residential and commercial buildings.

They also offer services for the removal of rats and mice infestation in your homes and offices. You can ask them to call up the professional rats and mice extraction company at once if ever you see signs of these creatures in your home.

The professionals of these companies know how to deal with these creatures that can cause harm to human health and property as well.

There are so many different services that a Pest Control Company in Southfield, Michigan offers to their clients.

In addition to eliminating termite, Detroit Rodent Control, and insect infestation in your home and office, they also offer services like fumigation, roof cleaning and repair, and removal of landscaping and trees that might be harboring unwanted pests.

Using these companies is a smart idea especially if you do not have enough time to undertake all the work on your own. It will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Pest Control Companies in Southfield, Michigan offer their clients free installation and guarantee that no animals or pests will be affected during the work.

However, they will only provide complete services to the residence and business premise of their customer. Termite fumigation is one service that a professional company in Southfield, Michigan will offer.

By applying heat and chemicals that will kill insects and pests, they will be able to effectively eliminate rodents inside your house and other premises. If you have any concerns about eliminating pests from your home and premises, don't hesitate to contact a professional pest control company today.

Mosquito Removal Services Detroit

"Mosquito Removal Services Detroit" is what you may be looking to call it nowadays. Not because of all the issues that come with having too many rats running rampant around Detroit, in fact, the City Of Warren Rodent Control firms that are operating in Detroit are fast becoming very popular.

It's not that people don't care for rats anymore. No, it's just that they aren't so hot on bugs and rodents anymore. It's an interesting thing, how things change from what we used to know as the country's heart and soul, to a place that has lost a lot of its soul.

The city of Detroit is full of hustle and bustle, yet it seems as though it's still full of problems. There are trash fires in broad daylight, the homeless camping out in the streets, unsightly weeds in backyards and empty lots, mold growing in bathtubs, and children running wild in playgrounds.

And these aren't even considering all the rodent infestations that are out there in the cold and dark. With the winter months upon us now, it's time to take precautions and implement a plan in your area.

This includes hiring a professional pest control company in Detroit to help rid your property of those pesky critters that can ruin your holidays, your family's vacation time, and your sanity.

There are many issues with having too much-standing water in a city like Detroit. The mosquitoes, those little buggers, will never stop coming back to feed on us and leave an awful residue behind in your bathtubs, toilets, on your carpets, and anywhere else that they can crawl.

They are also capable of breeding and making your allergies worse than they already are. Get those bugzzzzled bodies out of your home and out of your life forever by contacting a pest control professional in Detroit.

When choosing a professional company in Detroit for your pest control services Detroit, be sure to find one that specializes in helping homeowners get rid of pesky rodents and pests.

You don't want someone who just specializes in eliminating termites. Because when it comes to rodents and pests, Detroit residents know they have a serious problem on their hands. They need someone with the right experience, knowledge, and expertise on their side.

Some many different pests and rodents can plague the Great Lakes state of Michigan. Mosquitoes tend to be around all year round, but some seasons with a bit of weather can bring an increase in populations.

For this reason, it's important to contact a reputable pest control services company in Detroit to help get rid of these pesky critters. But beware! Detroit pest control services can advise you of more invasive methods that may be needed to control these pests.

If your only goal is eliminating mice and rats in your home or business, several excellent products are available at your local hardware store. These solutions may provide a bit of relief, but they often will not be strong enough to deal with larger rodents or groups of mice.

If you have an issue with swarms of these pests surrounding you, contact a professional pest control company in Detroit. They have experience and expertise in dealing with these types of issues.

The experts can identify that pest control products are most effective, which baits are best, and which traps can keep the mice out of your home permanently.

If you have a problem with larger pests such as raccoons, squirrels, and alligators, you may have to call in a professional Ferndale City of Southfield rodent control company in Detroit also.

Often these animals are a growing nuisance in the city of Detroit. You can find information on the services that are offered by these specialists online.

In particular, you should look for advice on how to handle situations where there is a high presence of these creatures.

This could include a new neighbor who comes to visit often, a new suite being moved into the neighborhood or even an animal that is found in the gutter of your roof.

Although it can be difficult to eliminate these pesky insects from your property, you can take certain measures to try to prevent them.

For example, it is extremely effective to use pesticides around pools, hot tubs, and near any electrical equipment.

Mosquito repellents containing citrus-based materials, such as Mosquito Repellent Citrus, are also very effective Mosquito Control Detroit measures in and around the city of Detroit. Remember to also read up on the safe use of insecticides by reading the pesticide labels very carefully.

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