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Strategies to attract more subscribers on YouTube

The subscriber acquisition strategy is important to increase the community . Don't forget that YouTube constitutes an interactive social experience black profile, which you have to keep alive by attracting new subscribers and building loyalty among current ones.

Making the channel known not only depends on the creation of relevant, quality and well-optimized content. Within the challenge of attracting the attention of your audience, you will need a subscriber acquisition strategy with the aim of increasing visitor traffic or, in other words, the number of views on the channel.

The most used strategies to attract subscribers range from the typical calls to action that you place in different locations of the channel and video, to support with the rest of the social networks, in addition to the interesting resource that consists of creating synergies or agreeing on cross collaborations between brands.

Use social networks

Relying on other online spaces to promote or disseminate YouTube channel content is an effective way to attract subscribers. As a strategy, it is very beneficial because it provides added value to those websites, blogs or social networks where you broadcast your videos. 

YouTube provides you with the necessary functionality to make an automated and one-way connection (it will show the channel activity) on Facebook and Twitter, although it is beginning to be interactive on Google +, as it allows a comment made on a certain video on this social network Also appear in the YouTube video.

It is important to activate these options to be able to share your activity on the channel. This way, every time you upload a video you will automatically share it with the rest of your profiles on other social networks. It is also interesting to make posts, publish comments on Facebook and tweets asking your subscribers to follow you on YouTube.

Synergies between channels

Cross-promotions of content between brands are a great help when it comes to promoting a channel for free, without having to resort to the expensive resource of investing in the creation of advertising ads.

However, you must analyze your case to choose the best strategy and opt for one option or the other, or even both in combination.  Think about it, it will be a shame if you don't take advantage of other relevant channels with which to maintain tremendously beneficial relationships for both of you.

If you have friendly brands with a presence on YouTube, you have a treasure . All you need to do is exchange links located on your respective channels, as featured links, to get cross-subscribers.

It is even more productive if, in addition, the other brand's channel includes you in a playlist, and you do the same. Another option would be to create videos together taking advantage of each person's different specialties or strengths. For example, in the case of a synergy between a modeling agency and a musical group, a video could be created in which a model catwalk is combined with background music, achieving a strategy to gain subscribers.

In summary, the types of actions in increasing order of effectiveness will be: 

  • Mutually include channels in your respective featured channel lists.
  • Include videos from the other channel in your own playlists, thus crossing views.
  • Make videos together and publish them on both channels to direct directly from one channel to another.

Adwords Advertising

Also remember that you have the possibility of promoting your channel through paid ads such as Adwords, which allows you to schedule your ads directly on YouTube.

It is not necessary or essential, but if you have the budget to do it it can make a big difference, especially in the earliest phases of the project.

Youtube Analytics

Analytics is a classic tool for monitoring the performance of websites and blogs that is also available for YouTube, with the logical use of channel traffic control through detailed statistical monitoring that you can follow from your YouTube account.

Specifically, Anaytics shows you graphs, data, reports with history of reproductions, traffic sources, audience retention, number of “Likes” or “I don't like” and a long series of data that allows you to plan based on the same.

Regularly reviewing the Analytics data for your channel is essential to work on the strategy taking this valuable information into account. It will be of invaluable help to evaluate performance and make decisions based on them in order to generate new content of interest. 

You should periodically (at least every month) do a small check on the health of your channel to try to correct and improve different aspects of the channel that can help you continue growing and generating quality content.

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