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If you have a fanpage, you have surely noticed that after the last algorithm change, it has become more difficult to gain followers on Facebook. Therefore, many of our clients ask us, what can we do? Despite the difficulty of gaining followers on Facebook organically, there are certain tricks and strategies that we can use to energize our page. For this reason, your Advertising, Communication, Online Marketing and Photography Agency in Seville, we have prepared this post with the best strategies that will make you gain followers on Facebook black profile. Take note!

5 strategies that will make you gain followers on Facebook

1. Improve interaction = improve positioning

One of the differences of the new algorithm change compared to the previous one is that it is now more difficult for other users to see our publications. In order to solve this, we need to improve our positioning within Facebook. And this is achieved through interaction. That is, the more interaction our publications have, the more visible they will be. In addition, publications that generate emotions ("I love it", it amazes me", etc.) prevail over those that we simply like. In short, we have to seek to improve our interaction if we want to gain followers on Facebook organically.

2. Create contests and promotions

As we have said before, the key to Facebook's new algorithm is interaction. And a good way to improve our interaction and make our content go viral is by holding raffles, contests and promotions. For example, through a giveaway in which the requirement to participate is to like the publication and comment on it. But be careful, Facebook has its rules. If you do not comply, they can delete your publication, and even suspend your page. Review them before publishing your giveaway.

3. Invite your contacts

It seems obvious, but we often forget. Inviting your own contacts to follow our page is now much easier: just a couple of clicks will send the relevant invitations. It may not give us a large number of followers, but it is the best way to start gaining interaction and viralization on our fanpage.

4. Content is king

It's a mantra we must repeat: content is king. What does it mean? Well, the key to generating interaction and being successful online is good content. Thousands of marketing strategies and tricks will be of no use to you if your content does not connect with your followers, if it does not work. Therefore, prepare original, attractive and quality content for your Facebook page. And always adjust them to your target. You will see how you gain results!

5. Invite users who have interacted

Many users do not know it, but it is possible to invite all those users who have interacted with our publications but do not follow us. You can do this from the options of each publication, which shows which people have reacted to our publication. This option is great for us after a giveaway or contest. You'll see how you gain followers!

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