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5 easy and fun tricks you can teach your dog


Difficulty level: Easy. You will only need some treats and a desire to have a good time together! It is one of the basic dog commands to learn all the others and the best option to start Dog trainers Houston tx.

  1. Hold the dog treat close to his snout to get his attention.
  2. Raise the hand containing the candy above him, getting him to follow the candy with his head and not just with his eyes. Keep it there.
  3. When your dog lifts his head to reach the treat, he will sit. At that moment you must say the word for the command: “Sit” or “Sit” will be perfect.
  4. Congratulate him happily and give him his well-deserved treat.


Difficulty level: Difficult. Although this is the command you should teach him after he learns to sit, this trick for dogs is not easy, because the position you are asking him to do is a submissive posture. This is a good time to apply everything you have learned from “positive training”.

  1. First you must give the command “Sit” or “Sit”. When he is sitting, show him the treat you have in your hand, just let him smell it without giving it to him at all.
  2. With your hand very close to his snout, slowly lower the treat to the ground, getting his head to follow.
  3. Once his head is pointing down, move your hand with the treat along the floor to get his body to lower as well.
  4. At that moment you must say the word for the order: “Echa” or “Tumba” are the usual ones.
  5. Congratulate him as always, with much affection and joy. Don't forget to give her her treat.


Difficulty level: Medium. Before teaching your dog to stay, you must first master the basic sit command, it will be much easier for both of you.

  1. First you must give the command “Sit” or “Sit” a few times to achieve an appropriate state of mind.
  2. Hide some treats in your pocket, open your palm in front of his snout, and say the command word: “Wait” or “Stay.”
  3. Take a few steps back. If your dog begins to follow you, tell him that he is wrong with the word: "No." If your dog stays still, go back to him and give him a treat from your pocket as a reward, while celebrating his learning. Don't forget that to keep your dog healthy you must follow the instructions with the recommended daily ration indicated on the packaging of dog snacks.
  4. Repeat this trick 2 times a day increasing the distance steps before returning to it so that your dog associates the word “Wait” or “Stay” with being still while you walk.


Difficulty level: Student! It is one of the most fun tricks for dogs, but your dog needs to learn other commands before he can play dead; He must know how to sit, lie down and stay still. If your dog is ready, you can now teach him how to play dead. Let's get started!

  1. Let's remember what the position of this trick is: it consists of remaining motionless while lying on your side.
  2. First you must give the order “Lay down” or “Tumba”. Then you must ask him to stay still by saying “I wait” or “Stay.”
  3. When he is lying down, pay close attention to which side he leans to get him to lie down on that side. 
  4. Gently push him on the shoulder until he lies on his side.
  5. Once it is in the desired position, you must say the word for that command: “BANG.”
  6. Pet him, scratch his belly and celebrate like never before, because he just did the trick you're dying to show everyone.


Difficulty level: Progress adequately. If you follow the proper order, the following learnings will become increasingly easier. 

More interesting than teaching your dog to fetch the ball or fetch things in general, is teaching it not to fetch anything. Thanks to this order we will prevent our dog from putting objects or substances in his mouth that could harm him.

  1. You don't need any basic command to learn “Drop”, but it will be easier if you are already used to learning. If this is your first order, you will only need treats and a lot of patience.
  2. Grab a treat in each of your hands and show him one of them with a closed fist while saying the command: “Let go.”
  3. Let him approach your hand, lick it, or nibble it, and ignore this behavior until he loses interest completely.
  4. The idea is to teach him that if he ignores an object he will get something better, so give him the treat from your other hand when this happens.
  5. Repeat the exercise until he moves away from the first hand when you say, “Let go.”

No Credit Check Loans A Help for Troublesome Times

When in a financial emergency, would you choose a loan that’s less likely to be approved? Here’s why No Credit Check loans thrive despite a higher cost family loans.

There’s no doubt that No Credit Check loans are among the higher cost loans out there. What makes them still so prominent and widespread? Isn’t the cost of the loan what makes them unattractive to people? Clearly, No Credit Check Loans A Help for Troublesome Times Articles the market is proving since years that that’s not the case. While loans that people use to fulfil wants and aspirations (like car loans and home loans) are to a huge extent affected in demand by their cost, the same does not seem to stand so true for loans that serve people in urgent needs of funds for various reasons.

When in such a situation, options can be limited for a lot of people. Quick loans and borrowing from friends/family seem to be the available solution but not many wish to choose the latter and especially not after having done it once or twice before. Hence, quick loans are increasingly being the most preferred choice and as you read ahead, you shall see that a lot of people do not tend to have a strong credit history, making No Credit Check the only available quick loan option that can to an extent be relied upon.

Why do so many Individuals have Poor Credit Scores?

Roughly half of the millennials in the US do not have a healthy credit score. People outside of that group are a little better off but not by a huge number. What leads to this? Let’s take a look at the top reasons:

Poor understanding of the credit system: Not knowing how to prioritize payments and not knowing when shutting down a credit account (eg. Credit card) can actually be harmful for the credit scores, is an easy way to lose out on your credit score.

Using one credit card for everything: If you have and use just a single credit card for everything, use it to a high percentage of its limit and don’t repay it fully each month, there’s a significant hit that you’re causing to your credit score.

Not checking and acting upon errors: The credit system is complex. Once a year, you can check your credit report free of cost and repercussions. It is important to do so and apply to correct any issues and errors you find. Errors are common and corrections are also often done when requests are legitimate.

Not knowing what all gets featured on a credit report: Many do not know that even applying for a loan that gets rejected, hits the credit score. That’s just an example of many other things that make up the credit score.

Are No Credit Check Loans Faster?

Credit check is just like any step of the loan approval process – it takes time. When one step is skipped, time is saved. However, there are other things that need to compensate for what the credit check does. Being a short term loan, these are typically steps that do not take much time, hence No Credit Check loans still tend to be faster.

The other thing that makes these loans faster in general, is that they’re non-bank direct lender loans. Their processes seem to be simpler and quicker in general but this of course varies from lender to lender, and so does the speed and consistency of loans disbursement.

We have a few suggestions that can help you get loans quicker, if that’s what you need:

  • Keep all the documents and details ready while applying
  • Provide complete information and try to ensure it’s all easy to verify
  • Provide good quality scans of documents when applying online
  • Ready reviews about your lender to understand if they’re fast at processing loans

Apply for only as much as you know you can really repay and it’s likely that the lender would make similar assessments and process you loan so you don’t have to reapply elsewhere and waste time that way.

How Much Costlier are these Loans?

Loans and their mathematics are not designed to be very easy to understand. It’s hard to compare the usual bank and credit card loans with the non-bank direct lender loans which come with APR disclosures and simple interest while the former typically charge compounded interest.

In the simplest of terms, what I can say is that in less than a year’s term a significantly higher APR loan shall have a significantly higher cost irrespective of the type of interest being charged. Beware of loans that charge interest monthly – these shall have a many times higher APR (which is Annual).

Being very short term loans, No Credit Check loans have a high rate of interest but if your loan term is short enough, the final amount you end up paying quite a small amount at times. The only real way to know how costly a loan really is, is to find out the final cost.

One piece of advice here is to stay totally away from loans that you may fail to repay on time. Loans get very expensive if you cross the stipulated repayment schedules.

When should one avoid No Credit Check Loans?

No Credit Check loans are higher cost loans which are intended for emergencies and other sudden needs. These are also essentially short term loans which are not intended to be designed as a replacement for bank loans or other conventional loans like home loans, car loans, etc. They have their benefits but used wrongly, they can be very expensive and damaging too.

While it is virtually impossible to make an exhaustive list of every situation in which such loans should be avoided, here are a few which should help understand the idea well:

When you’re in a long term need: It’s simple – do not take a high interest rate loan for a long period of time. It will be more expensive than is reasonable. These loans are intended to be short term loans and even the idea of repeatedly renewing them to use them for a long term could be disastrous.

When bank loans are available and can serve you: If you’re not in too much of a hurry and bank loans are available to you, it should not be a problem to choose that option – they would tend to be less expensive. However, if what you specifically need is a very short term loan, you may have to do the mathematics to understand what’s less expensive.

When your credit history is great and there are other quick enough options available: There are other quick loan options out there. Some banks offer pre-approved loans to their long term customers, which are fairly quick. If credit history is not a problem in your case, you must first consider those options which may come at a lower cost.

When you find a lender whose offer seems illegitimate: Some lenders can be hard to verify for legitimacy. Sometimes the offer and their missing online presence should be a giveaway and it’s good to look for safer, genuine lenders while taking a non-bank direct lender loan. I share links of a trusted lender at the end of this article.

When you’re nearing bankruptcy: Since the loans are intended to be quick and with minimal checks and verifications, you’re the one who needs to know that bankruptcy isn’t near when you take this loan. Unlike loans with collaterals and bank loans, bankruptcy cannot be used to close these loans and the penalty of non-repayment will just keep piling up if you hit bankruptcy with such a loan still outstanding.

When you’re already in a lot of debt and didn’t think your decision through: Many borrows stuck in a debt cycle resort to No Credit Check loans. There are ways to use such loans to escape the debt cycle but these are not easy to calculate and it’s definitely not great if things go south from there. Employing a debt consultant for help at such a time may be helpful, if you are not sure you’re getting the mathematics of it right.

Is the “Guaranteed Approval” Real?

Many No Credit Check loans claim to offer a “Guaranteed Approval” on the loan. While this claim seems too good to be true, there’s more to it than meets the eye in the first glance.

I have read into the finer lines of many such loan offers and also spoken to some past borrowers and here I shall share what it truly means – which can vary a little from lender to lender but at a broader sense, remain fairly standard.

The first thing to keep in mind, is that lenders of the No Credit Check loans being non-bank entities, are able to offer a very flexible sum of amount. Some lenders can choose to offer loans for as little as $100. Maybe even lower but I didn’t find any such mention.

The second thing is that the marketing and terminology is worded in a way that it assumes qualification for the loan. If you do not qualify for their loan i.e., if you do not meet their eligibility criteria, there’s anyways no question of an approval. This also encompasses what amount you shall be eligible for borrowing.

Given these facts, it is fair to state that provided you apply for your loans of an amount that their eligibility criteria can accommodate and provided that you meet the rest of the eligibility requirements, your loans shall be approved with certainty. The catch here is that it’s hard to know for sure, what amount can be approved. Some lenders tend to make counter-offers to borrowers when they deem the borrower ineligible for the amount that’s being applied for.


Loans are available in so many ways and forms with so many labels today, that it gets confusing these days for the borrowers. No Credit Check loans also come under multiple labels and are typically offered by non-bank direct lenders. Being riskier for the lender, they tend to be a higher expense loan but the government regulations ensure transparency by mandating APRs to be disclosed and by eliminating compounded interest which tends to make lower interest rates far more expensive over time. The other advantage can be the very short term – which can be useful to many borrowers.

Great Ideas for Shirts

 Unique and creative tshirts are a neat idea for almost every occasion. Whether it is for a softball team or a bachelorette party, Great Ideas for Shirts Articles selecting a great design for a tshirt would be a fun process Streetwear. There are so many distinct choices available for distinct tshirt ideas, that it must seem overwhelming to choose the perfect one.

One of the most important aspects of finding a cool tshirt design is to make the shirt as individualized as possible. Choosing a print that is a reminder of a funny time or joke is always a great idea. For example, if selecting tees for an entire wedding party, making the shirts have a truly individual element to them is important and simple. One option is to have a drawing made depicts every person in the wedding party. Make each person unique and personal, adding funny touches or favorite sports teams. Having this picture then screen printed onto the shirt is a great way to remember the event, and it is also fun for everyone in the party. 

Creating a logo for a softball team tee is another fun t shirt idea. Using the same layout or form of a popular, well known logo and turning it into something personalized and creative is a neat idea. For instance, taking a well known logo of a sports team and changing the particular design of it to reflect the softball teams name is a fun idea.   The key to every good tshirt idea is to make it truly personalized and personal. Not only does this make the tshirt eye catching and creative, but it also makes it something that everyone will want to keep.

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The Dharma of Sound Healing

 Music has always been recognized as having a powerful effect on human consciousness. But in the past few years research has explained why different kinds of music and sounds have the effects that they do on the body, The Dharma of Sound Healing with Himalayan Bowls Articles emotions, mind, and spirit sound healing certification.  

Science tells us that all life is energy in one form or another,  eternal, changing and morphing from one  form to another. Each ‘energy shape’ has its own particular pattern of frequencies or vibrations. When one form experiences a matching frequency in the form of a musical note, the form will begin to vibrate in sympathy with the note in sympathetic resonance. A strong enough vibration can even cause a form to restructure itself, as has been noted with cancer cells.  With the Himalayan bowls,( aka Tibetan Singing Bowls) every note creates sympathetic resonance with every other note producing harmonic overtones that commence the healing process.

Healing is a movement from disharmony to harmony, from duality to Divine Awareness. The journey of healing then is a spiritual awakening with consequences on our physical well being.  As we awaken, our perspective shifts, our vibration shifts, our cellular make up shifts. The shifts can not occur as separate entities- they affect the whole of who we are. This link between body and spirit has been much ignored by the medical profession but the link is quite clear.

Healing is a process where we are released from an ego centered finite perspective of ourselves in the world and move into our essence where our vibratory energy is connected with the universe. Without sufficient healing, the core issue that caused a condition in the first place is likely to manifest again. A vital step in the healing process is that of establishing resonance with rather than resisting the condition in question. You cannot release that which you do not own.  Sound is the train that helps us get to healing.

We know that different pulses stimulate different brainwave centers, that we can create brainwave entrainment through a process of sympathetic resonance and that we normally entrain or fall into vibrational step to the strongest vibrations in our immediate environment.  .  Nerve bundles in our spine transmit vibrational sensory data to brain stem and limbic system (our emotional processing center) through the water in our system so placing the bowls directly on the body significantly increases their effectiveness. The bowls vibrate at the frequency of perfection, otherwise known as the Sanskrit mantra ‘AUM’. They create harmonic overtones in which each note contains all other notes and none is a separate entity on its own. These bowls are made of seven metals which were collected, smelted and pounded into shape and sound in a ceremonial manner with the intention of healing and consciousness transformation.

Their sound entrains our energetic system to resonate with them in their perfection. The harmonic resonance of the bowls literally pulls us back into a more universal energetic flow as they transmit their soothing and peaceful vibrations through our water body in a way that affects our entire nervous and immune system, initiates the relaxation response and brings us into a, Alpha/ Theta brainwave state. Their frequencies balance the hemispheres of the brain, initializes our parasympathetic nervous system and helps to raise disease fighting immune cells while also reducing our stress response and creating the synchronized flow of our brain, respiratory and heart rate waves). Our capacity to heal from any illness is predicated on our body’s ability to achieve this synchrony. When they are placed directly on your body, as in a private session, then the healing potential is greatly increased because you are receiving the vibrations in your muscles and organs in addition to hearing them.

Let’s not reduce the healing that takes place only to science. We have already seen that healing is predicated on spiritual awakening. The bowls can be seen as great teachers as they help us reconnect with our wholeness. The ensuing sympathetic resonance between brain and bowls reawakens the intrinsic blissful self in us.

Our attitudes, beliefs and behaviors will either engage with or sabotage the healing potential as well. Combining the sound vibration of the bowls with positive affirmations can greatly enhance the healing experience. Thus, sound is a type of energy medicine that creates the sacred space in which people can heal from stress disorders, pain, depression, the emotional roller coaster and more. It also creates the perfect state for deep meditation, creative thinking and intuitive messages.  The healing process is initiated by entraining our brainwaves and creating sympathetic resonance with the perfect vibrations of the Himalayan singing bowls. 


 Today, a lot of people know at least something about the phenmenon called 'Anime'. It is a great 'Japanese Animation' that is growing very popular day by day all over the world. Read this article to know about the top 5 Anime Figures 오케이툰.

Today,5 TOP ANIME FIGURES Articles a lot of people know at least something about the phenomenon called ‘Anime’. Some people would refer to it as ‘Japanese Animation’, while others would say that they are the better cartoons than the American ones. And in fact it is true if you would ask the majority of Anime fans out there.

Anime has been around and blossoming all over the world for a long time. Now, anime I not limited to Manga, Video Games and other media forms, it is expanding online also.


In the early 1990s, Anime approached its fans slowly across the web. A number of sites were launched to display different Anime series with a variety of content. Soon people started searching for their favorite Anime series online very frequently. The fans would search for images and screenshots related to the specific shows they watched and liked.

The fans of Japanese Animation were verily into drawing own Anime pictures. And when the trend got hugely popular, the fans started to submit their Anime fan art online to show off their creativity.  And this was only a starting point.

Today, there are many Anime characters that are loved by millions of people worldwide.

And there are Anime action figures manufactured after them and sold in a large number.

It was not possible to talk about all them in this article, so we listed the top 5 Anime Figures –

1. Queen's Blade – The title does not refer to any single figure, actually this is a series of action figures based on visual combat book series published by ‘Hobby Japan’,

These Anime characters are licensed from ‘Lost Worlds’. It features only female characters. These characters were created by these artists - Hirokazu Hisayuki, Kazuhiro Takamura and Katsuzo Hirata.

Currently, Kaiyodo, a toy manufacturer produces these anime figures.

Characters - Leina/Reina, Airi, Risty/Listy, Nanael, Melona, Irma, Nowa, Tomoe, Echidna, Menace, Elina and more 

2. Final Fantasy Anime Figures - Final Fantasy is a media franchise owned by ‘Square Enix’. It centers on a series of science-fantasy console role-playing games and it is also available as anime, motion pictures, printed media and other media forms. In the mid 1980s, it entered the Japanese video game industry with simple racing games, RPGs and plat-formers for Nintendo's Famicom Disk System.

Characters – Cid, Biggs, Wedge, Chocobos and Moogles

3. Neon Genesis Evangelion Anime Figures – This is a commercially critically successful and also influential Japanese anime began in October 1995. This series has won several major animation awards. It was created by Gainax, written by Hideaki Anno, and co-produced by TV Tokyo and Nihon Ad Systems.

Evangelion is an apocalyptic mecha action series revolving around the efforts of a paramilitary organization ‘Nerv’ fighting monstrous ‘Angels’ using giant mecha ‘Evangelions’. This anime has different forms – TV, Movies and Games.

Characters – Rei Ayanami, Asuka Langley Soryu, Shinji Ikari, Toji Suzuhara, Kaworu Nagisa, Gendo Ikari and Misato Katsuragi

4. Ikki Tousen – Ikki Tousen is a lone rider with the strength to withstand a thousand. It is a Manga created by ‘Yuji Shiozaki’ based on ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’ the classic Chinese novel. This Anime series features a very large cast of attractive young girls fighting in short skirts that get constantly ripped off and other ecchi situations like numerous rape scenes.

This Anime TV series ran from July 30, 2003 to October 22, 2003. The Manga of this series was released in English by ‘TOKYOPOP’.

Characters – Inabaya, Hajime Iijima, Gakushu, Erica Shaffer, Amy Treadwell, Josh Phillips, Stephanie Sheh, Stephanie Sheh and many more.

5. Death Note – Death Note is a Japanese Manga series Death Note was created by writer ‘Tsugumi Ohba’ and artist ‘Takeshi Obata’. This Anime series revolves around Light Yagami, a student who discovers a supernatural notebook, ‘Death Note’ that is dropped on Earth by a dead God, ‘Ryuk’. The notebook grants its user an ability to kill anyone they see just by writing the name of the person in the notebook. The story focuses on Light's attempt to fight crime and male clean world using the notebook and the conflicts between him and his opponents. It also involves a mysterious detective known as ‘L’.

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Buying Auto and Car Parts Online

 Buying auto and cars parts online had become a regular feature now for all auto owners. The purchase of car parts and truck parts on the net not only saves time but also gives you opportunities to compare the specifications and prices of a great number of manufacturers. With the conventional auto spares dealers, Buying Auto and semi truck parts Online Articles you would be forced to choose only from the particular brands that they had stored, which could sometimes be even a single one. This would deny you any opportunity to verify the features of different manufacturers and their rates. Buying auto parts online allows you to conduct as wide a search as you wish.

Purchasing car parts online

When you browse the Internet, you come across websites offering various brands of car parts. They have detailed lists of the various car parts, their specifications, and rates, apart from details like warranties, shipping terms, etc. Some of them deal with a single brand or with some select brands / manufacturers. A few of them offer products of several manufacturers. With such sites, you would be able to compare a wide range of products, feature wise and price wise. This allows you to save a fair amount of money on the purchase of car parts.

Truck parts available online

Truck parts for all types of light pickup trucks are presented online by specialized Internet marketers. You would be able to choose from small tail lamps to large engines from these online dealers just by the click of a mouse. From light trucks to pickups to all automobiles are covered by these auto dealers including power equipments for trucks. You would be able to hunt for real bargains with these online dealers.

Used auto parts supplies

Many online auto dealers also specialize in the supply of used auto parts. It is always difficult to get the car parts or truck parts for models that had been modified or shelved by the manufacturers. The original manufacturers and their authorized dealers would stop stocking the auto parts for such vehicles. The online auto dealers are able to obtain spare parts for these vehicles also at reasonable prices.

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Infrared heating panels

Feel cozy and comfortable with infrared heating panels, beautifully made to complement any interior design Sleek Infrapanel, ultra-thin, and space-saving infrared panels use radiant heat to heat the room evenly, creating a comfortable, natural feeling of warmth that our customers love!

Instead of directly heating the air in a room, our IR panels heat the walls, ceiling and floor evenly, absorbing heat and gently emitting it back into the room. This is more efficient than conventional heating systems that waste energy heating large volumes of air. 

Benefits of infrared heating panels

  • Reduced energy use
  • natural heat
  • 100% net warming without carbon emissions
  • Helps prevent mold and condensation.
  • Maintenance free, long life, over 95% recyclable
  • Easy to install
  • Variety of beautiful styles for your home.

Our Comfort range of white infrared heating panels are manufactured and assembled in our new European production facility. We have designed Comfort to be the most sustainable and best performing infrared panel on the market. Made from British steel and incorporating our German heating element, they come with a 10-year warranty. Ideal for new construction and renovations.

Our popular Select XLS range of frameless infrared panels offer a fantastic combination of performance, quality and price, all backed by a 5-year warranty. They feature integrated receiver technology, making them perfect for DIY or retrofit installations, with easy control via the XLS thermostat of your choice.

Herschel Krystal has a unique design and incorporates the latest infrared technology to give you high power and fast heating in a super compact, space-saving design that can be recessed into the ceiling for a perfect finish. Perfect for high-end homes and bathrooms.

Custom made in Germany, our Inspire range includes bespoke pictures, mirrors and white infrared panels with a 10 year warranty.

Designed to complement any environment

Our  white panels  can be wall or ceiling mounted and are designed to blend discreetly into any room in the home.

For a contemporary and stylish look in bathrooms consider our  mirror panels  or  towel warmers , they look stunning and are perfect for helping to reduce humidity.

For the ultimate in heating, let us print your favorite photo or image and turn your heater into a   bespoke work of art.

Our control systems allow full control of the application and compliance with EU energy saving legislation (LOT20). All our panels are specially optimized for UK voltage and are fully TÜV tested to GS, CE and international electrical safety standards.

5 easy and fun tricks you can teach your dog

 HOW TO TEACH YOUR DOG TO SIT? Difficulty level: Easy. You will only need some treats and a desire to have a good time together! It is one o...