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Nutritional supplements are not harmful

Not every person is physically fit. To remain physically fit and healthy,Nutritional supplements are not harmful  Articles a person must have all nutrients like vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, fatty acids and fibre in his body.  All these nutrients may or may not be present in a person’s regular diet. Thus, to complement the absence of remaining nutrients, there are nutrition supplements which are also known as food supplement or dietary supplement Compl√©ments alimentaires Abidjan. These nutritional supplements can be taken in either as a capsule, pill, liquid or tablet.

These dietary supplements are considered under the food category but they have a different set of laws and acts. The nutrition supplements are of different types. One must know which nutritional supplements he needs. Some supplements contain vitamins and minerals while others contain proteins, herbs, botanicals and many such substances. On the other hand, there are few dietary supplements which have all the nutrition elements in a uniform proportion.  Intake of such supplements helps in maintaining a constant and good health pattern. But remember that the food supplements do no cure or prevent any kind of disease. They are just meant for a health maintenance purpose. People intake the supplements for various other purposes like enhancing the immune system, building athletic and mental activities and some also use food supplements to complement any treatment in healing process. Some nutritional elements can also have side effects on some people. These side effects include nausea, stomach upsets, rashers, different allergies and headaches.

Protein supplements are a main category in food supplements. Protein supplements are usually taken by body builders to build muscles. People who visit gym to build a good physique and develop muscles are the ones who buy protein supplements the most. In our regular diet, proteins are present in various food items like eggs, milk and other dairy products, etc. But the amount of proteins present in food items is very low as compared to the proteins present in protein supplements.  The other group of people who buy protein supplements are athletes. As athletes exert a lot, their body proteins are used up at a higher pace. Hence, to cope up with it, athletes use protein supplements. Protein supplements are also used in balancing the blood sugar level and energy level of a person.

A common myth about protein supplements is that they have adverse effect on health and side effects as well. But this is not true. If you use the protein supplements in a proper manner by following the directions mentioned on it, there will be no side effects. Of course, overdose will cause damage to your body parts. The maximum limit of taking protein supplements per day is around 30 grams. Taking in more than 30grams can cause serious harm to your body. You can buy protein supplements at various medical stores, general stores and even online nowadays. Usually, these supplements are available in powder form. You can mix this powder with any of your favorite flavored drink. Milk is the best drink for protein supplements.

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