Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Do you want to print personalized t-shirts at a low cost? In this article we will show you, through 7 tips, how you can print t-shirts so you can save money and time.

But before proceeding, you will need to set the budget you have to print the t-shirts screen printing portland.

Once you have drawn your numbers, you will be prepared to select the option that best suits you.

Next, we will leave you options so you can choose the way to print t-shirts at a low cost.

Once you get here, the following cases may arise:

1. You want to print a large volume of personalized

t-shirts at a low cost. To print a large number of personalized t-shirts at a low cost, you must use the screen printing technique. This way you will create a design that uses a small number of colors; If you also choose white t-shirts, the money savings will be even greater, since these t-shirts are cheaper than those with other colors.

2. You need to print few t-shirts and your design has different colors.

If this is your case, don't worry about it. For this option you can choose the digital screen printing technique or DGT. This technique is responsible for reproducing your design in high resolution and full color. It can be used on both white and other colored t-shirts.

Furthermore, this type of digital technique does not need screens, and will only require your design or image; That is why if you wish, you can print a single t-shirt in full color. However, if you prefer to print a larger quantity of t-shirts, the cost will be much lower.

3. You want to print promotional t-shirts for an event.

If what you want is to print t-shirts to cover a promotional event in your company or business, and you also want to give them as gifts, we recommend choosing inexpensive polyester t-shirts, or the textile of your choice.

For this type of printing we recommend the cut vinyl printing technique, but all of this will depend on the colors of your design. If the costs are still too high for you, you should look for cheaper t-shirts on the market, or be more creative when designing, or even consider other techniques such as sublimation or screen printing.

4. You want to print quality t-shirts at a low price

If you have a good budget, and you also want to print quality personalized t-shirts, we must recommend that you make the investment, since by choosing quality t-shirts that can surely be expensive, in the long run you will save time and a lot of money, as these will offer you greater durability.

In this case, the technique that fits the result and quality you are looking for matters.

5. You need to print personalized t-shirts with a special design

If your design has any of these characteristics: it is placed in a complicated position, it is larger than the measurements required for printing, it has different colors, among others... We recommend you use the printing technique

. full print sublimation. In this regard, we must clarify that this printing technique will not be economical, but you will be able to reduce costs by printing a large number of t-shirts. We suggest you print quantities that are not too small. maybe from 5 to 10 t-shirts, so you save money.

Additionally, with this technique you can save a good amount of money if you decide to print the t-shirts only on the front side.

6. You want to print personalized uniforms to unify your template

If you have a company, and you also want to print personalized uniforms, we recommend that you unify your template. If you want to save a little money, you should choose t-shirts that you can print using the screen printing technique. This way your workforce will look very presentable with quality uniforms, and at a low cost.

7. Know the opinion of your workers

If what you want is to print personalized t-shirts for the workers of your company, the first thing we recommend is that you conduct a survey among their diverse tastes and preferences.

After that, listen to the opinions, surely among your workers there are those who have contacts to get personalized prints, at a cost much lower than your budget; Or alternatively, you can decide to print with an expensive technique and high-priced t-shirts, which in the long run can save you time and money given their durability.

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