Wednesday, December 13, 2023

4 tricks to grow your community on TikTok and more

TikTok has positioned itself as the social network of the moment with unstoppable growth. Its video format, with great creative possibilities; as well as a clearly young and adolescent audience that is not always equally active in other social media how to buy tiktok comments, make it a particularly attractive channel.

Surely one of the particularities of TikTok compared to other social media is the relevance between two data: views and community (number of followers). Precisely in this relationship lies the key from which all what we can call tricks to grow your community on this social network start.

Therefore, if your SME has already taken the step, today we want to share with you some tricks to grow your community on TikTok.

1. Follow trends

For those who are new to TikTok , an analogy that can serve as a reference to understand the trends on this network are trending topics. On Twitter, betting on them was almost certain to increase the visibility of the content, because it was exposed to a large interested audience that followed that topic.

Returning to the newest network, the idea is the same, although as there are thousands of identical videos, you will have to find a way to differentiate yourself to ensure that the visualization achieved by trend becomes one more follower of your account.

2. Promote yourself on other channels

TikTok is trendy, and your company may have an account here and many of your clients and followers on other networks may not know it. In order to achieve that increase in the community that already knows you previously, do not hesitate to advertise your account on this network on the social media in which you have already consolidated your presence, as well as on your website, and even in physical locations. social

3. Paid advertising

You could say it's a really classic community-building hack. As with other social networks, on TikTok you can also create ads to grow on this channel. We recommend that you study well the image that you are going to project and that you identify the brand objectives aligning with the audience. That way, in addition to growing, you will be using this social media to achieve your company's objectives.

4. Build loyalty with your followers

More than a trick as such to grow on TikTok, it is the basis of any brand strategy that aims to gain a foothold in the market and have a loyal audience to target. It is already known that it is much cheaper to keep a customer than to attract a new one is something basic in marketing that has not changed with digitalization. However, since the medium is different, what can be done to build audience loyalty on TikTok?

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