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A Guide to American Flag Display

American flags are displayed all across our country at home, at work and in prominent public locations. It is amazing to see however, how many people are unaware of the basic rules of flag display and etiquette. Although it is a symbol of our country and it means something to each citizen, that doesn't mean we aren't responsible for following the Flag Code American flag magnet.

Here are some basic guidelines for the people of America to follow as they display their own American flags with pride!

Flag Display In Your Town or In Public PlacesOver The Middle of the Street:

If your flag display is in the middle of a street, square or green, the compass dictates your flag display. For instance, the American flag should be hung vertically with the stars, or the Union, to the east in a north/south street or direction and north in an east/west street or direction.

Displaying a Flag in an Auditorium of Church:

When creating a flag display in a public space, like an auditorium, meeting house or church, the general rule of thumb is to ensure that the American flag is placed in a prominent location at the front of the space. It should also be to the right of the podium or location from where the speaker is to present. Any other flags can be placed to the left of the American flag, or more appropriately, to the left of the speaker or podium.

Flag Display at HomeDisplaying a Flag from a Home or Porch at the Edge of a Sidewalk:

Many people have a flag pole extending from the front of their home. If your flag pole extends over a sidewalk, there is a specific guideline for US flag display. Essentially, the flag should be raised stars, or Union, first so that the stars sit at the peak of the flag pole.

Displaying a Flag from a Home or Porch Horizontally at an Angle from a Window:

If your flag pole extends at an angle from a higher level of your home, like a window, or balcony, again, the Union portion of the flag should be raised first so that it flies at the peak of your flag pole.

Flags on Flagpoles:Displaying Multiple Flags:

Here is a simple guide to flag order for National, State, Territory and Military flags. First, the general correct order is National - State - Territory - Military.

National flags should be displayed in alphabetical order with the US Flag first within the United States and in its territories, etc.

State flags should be flown with the host state first and all other states in order of their admission into the Union.

Military flags should be displayed in conjunction with their establishment: Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and then other groups.

From the Same Flag Pole:

If you are flying several flags from the same flagpole and your display includes the USA Flag, it should always be at the topmost position.

From Multiple Adjacent Flagpoles:

If you are flying several flags from multiple flagpoles that are positioned in an adjacent manner, the US flag should be raised first and lowered last from the flagpole. If you have adjacent flagpoles, no flag should be flying to the right of the US Flag.

From a Circle or Grouping of Flagpoles:

If you have a circular grouping of flagpoles, then the American flag should be placed in a central position and it should fly at the highest point of all of the flags being flown.

Displaying Flags from Multiple Nations:

If you are flying the flags of more than one country or nation, the flags should be of equivalent size and they should be displayed on separate flagpoles at the same height. According to proper flag etiquette, in peacetime you may not fly the flag of one country above that of another.

Flag Display in Special Circumstances:Displaying the Flag at Half Mast:

You may only display the flag at half mast when the President or the Governor decrees it and on Memorial Day until Noon. When you do need to fly the flag at half mast, you should raise it completely and then lower it to the mid-point of the flagpole. At sundown, you should repeat this procedure. If you are flying several flags on the same flag pols, the American flag should be at the mid point of the flagpole and the other flags should be below it.

Using a Flag to Cover a Casket:

The American flag is used frequently in funeral processions as a sign of respect. If you are planning to use the US flag to cover a casket, the Union, should be placed at the head of the casket and over the left shoulder. The flag should be removed prior to burial and folded properly.

Flag Display, Not from a Flagpole:

The American flag should be displayed flat if it is not hanging unfurled and free from some sort of flag pole. The stars of the flag, or the Union, should always appear to be at the top left to the viewer. If you want to display the flag in a window, these rules still apply. If you are decorating a space with banners, festoons, fans or rosettes you can use red, white and blue bunting but never the actual USA flag.

Displaying the Flag in a Parade or March:

The US flag should always be in a place of prominence among other flags in a parade or March. If you are carrying the flag in a parade or a march, the US Flag should be marching on the right side (the flag's own right) or if you have a line of flags, it should lead the procession in the front of the center.

With this simple guide, you should have no problems displaying your American flag properly. Remember, as a symbol of our great country, the US Flag should be treated with respect and deference and should be displayed with pride and thoughtfulness.

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