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Grab A Free Copy Of Background Check Available Online

If you want a simpler and more efficient way of performing a background check, you should avail of the services offered by independent online record providers Background Checks. These providers manage their own records database, which is available for access 24/7.

As the 8th most densely populated state in the U.S., the Sunshine State has decided to keep its public records open to its people. It is one of the places in the country where access to public dossiers is not a complicated issue. In fact, it is quite easy to perform a Florida Background Check, no matter what your intention or purpose may be. Whether you need to check out a person you plan to hire for your company, or you’re looking to hire a tutor and nanny for your children, studying an individual’s personal background is essential for safety.

You can perform background checks in Florida with the help of its Bureau of Vital Statistics, which is run by the Department of Health. In this office, you can request for access to birth, marriage, and divorce records. Birth records date back to April 1865, although there are more records from January 1917. Each record that you obtain is worth $9. Searches done the following year will be charged a $2 fee and additional copies requested along with the original application carry a $4 fee each.

Under Florida laws, however, the public can only obtained a certification of the records, not a complete one. The certification will state whether the record is found on file or not. You won’t get a refund in case the record you need is not found in the said office. 

Obtaining marriage records is another way of checking out the background or personal history of a person. The Vital Records office has records that go back to June 6, 1927. For requests with no specific dates or years indicated, the fee per record is $5, while searches done in the subsequent years are worth $2 each. Requests for additional copies (submitted on the same day with the original request), will be worth $4 each. Divorce records are also available at the said office, with the same fees as those of birth records. Another way of getting background information about an individual is by searching for his criminal records. These records are kept by the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS), which is managed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. All the state’s criminal records are found in the said office. Each request is worth $24; an amount that is not refundable in case the search returns zero results. These searches are performed through the state’s Computerized Criminal History system. 

If you want a more efficient, more practical, and faster way of performing a background check in Florida, your best bet is to work with online record providers. These providers work independently and run their own comprehensive online database of public records. The database can be accessed 24/7, which means you’ll get what you need in only a matter of minutes. No need to wait for hours, days, or weeks. Also, you won’t have to keep paying everytime you make a request! You only pay once. Just once. And this one-time payment entitles you to endless access to their database, which means you can search for all the public dossiers you need anytime, at no extra cost! It’s the best bargain you’ll find anywhere!

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