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Candy Jars: What Shapes and Sizes Will Work Best for Your Needs?

As a store or business owner who sells candy, you need display fixtures to display that candy; however, if you approach shopping for these display fixtures with the mentality that you “need candy jars,” you’re probably going to have a difficult search ahead of you freeze dried candy online.

Think of the words “candy jars” as a sort of umbrella label for a variety of jars store owners can use to organize, display, and store candy products. In addition to finding varieties of glass and plastic candy containers, you can also find them in numerous sizes and shapes as well as with additional accessories that make them even more useful.

Before you start shopping for candy jars, ask yourself the following three questions.

1. Do You Need Small, Medium, or Large Candy Jars?

Plastic and glass candy jars are available in numerous sizes, and the sizes you choose depends mainly on two factors: The candy you want to display and the amount of display space you have to work with.

  • Your Candy: When you think about the sizes of the candy jars you need in terms of your candy, think about both the kind of candy you want to display (for example, do you plan to display large gumballs or small wrapped candies?) and the amount of candy you want to display.
  • Your Display Space: In addition to the candy you want to display, you have to consider the space available to create the display. If you have a small space, you might want to use only one or two large or medium candy jars; if you have more space to work with, you have more options. For example, you could use several medium and large candy jars, or you could use even more small candy jars.

2. What Shapes Should Your Candy Jars Be?

Plastic and glass candy containers come in a variety of shapes. Store owners can find traditional shapes like round, square, hexagon, rectangle, and sphere or “fish bowl” shapes, each of which works well for nearly any kind of store environment or merchandise item.

However, other fun shapes – such as holiday-inspired shapes like Christmas trees and Santa Claus boots – work wonders when it comes to adding a bit of flair to a candy display. If you think you might want to add extra visual appeal to your store’s candy displays during holidays or other festive times, consider browsing candy jars in shapes that go beyond the normal traditional shapes.

3. Does Your Merchandise Call for Candy Jars With Accessories?

While you can easily find candy jars in traditional shapes like round, square, hexagon, and fish bowl – and even candy jars in fun shapes like those of holiday-inspired designs – there are candy containers out there that come with accessories that will:

  • Help keep your candy fresh and safe from debris. Candy jars with lids that snap or screw on, or are attached with hinges, help keep your candy fresh and safe from dust, dirt, and pests.
  • Help customers more easily access the candy. Candy jars with handles or handgrips help customers pour candy without having to touch the candy, while accessories like aluminum and plastic tongs and scoops help customers collect the amount of candy they want without touching the rest of it.

As long as it fits, you can put any kind of candy you’d like in these jars; however, these candy containers are especially beneficial for displaying unwrapped candies that don’t already have protective wrappers.

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