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5 Rental Accommodation close to Central London

 Central London is one of the most popular areas where most of the people try to get a rental accommodation. Read this Article to get more understanding for rental accomodations close to Central London.

Many people are migrating to London these days in search of better education or work options. It is not a good decision to buy a home when you are going to stay in London for a short time. Looking out for a rented property will be good for you because they require lesser investment. Most of the properties that are let out by the landlords are fully furnished. This ensures that you do not have to spend money in buying the basic household necessities and you can focus on the main purpose of your stay in London.

Central London is one of the most popular areas where most of the people try to get a rental accommodation. It has the best of the facilities and is well connected to all the parts of the city. It is close to the most popular markets and is overall a good place of staying. If you are looking for rental accommodations close to Central London then here is something that will help you:-

1 Bedroom Apartment

If you are going to live in a rented house in London alone then 1 bedroom apartment is good for you. Since you are living alone, there will be no shortage of space in the home for you. Also, you will save on your rent, electricity and other general expenses that increase with the size of the house. Holborn, Westminster, Petticoat Square and City Road are some of the areas near Central London where you will easily find rental accommodations. The prices vary from 1500pcm to 2500pcm.


2 Bedroom Apartment

If you are shifting to London with your small family or with your friends then you might need more space than a small one bedroom apartment. 2 bedroom apartments will be right for you while looking for a rented home. Gary’s Inn Road, Bayswater, Marylebone Road and Chelsea are some of the areas where you can look for rental accommodations. They are close to central London and most of them are well furnished. The rents range from 2500pcm to 4500pcm depending upon the facilities provided.


3 Bedroom Apartment

For those who are moving to London with their family, 3 bedroom apartments will be perfect. If you are looking for a 3 bedroom apartment near Central London then you can check out Gary’s Inn Road, Pimlico, Marylebone and Merchant Square East. These areas are good for living with family and you can get the apartment with the rent varying from 4000pcm to studio accommodation


Studio Flats

If you are shifting to London for work with your friends or colleagues then you can opt for Studio flats. They are stylish and easily available on rent near central London. You do not have to worry about the furniture because they are available fully furnished when the landlord rents out the flat. You can find the best studio flats near central London in Portsoken Street, Lower Sloane Street and Gloucester Street with rents between 1200pcm 2000pcm.


3 Bedroom House

There are many people who do not like to live in apartments. You do not get all the facilities in a flat so you might go for a house if you are going to live with your family near Central London. Though the rentals might be more but you can even get a garage or terrace as an added bonus if you go for a home over apartment. The best areas to look for a rented house are Hyde Park Estate, Montpelier Walk and Gatliff Road. They are good in terms of facilities and the rents range from 4000pcm to 10000pcm. These rents vary on the basis of facilities and you can choose a home that suits your need the best.

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