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10 tips that I should keep in mind before hiring a lawyer

What are the criteria we take into account when hiring a lawyer? Probably the most common answer is the budget; However, before hiring a lawyer or legal professional Law tutor, it is advisable that we take different aspects into account:

1. Choose a specialized professional: be wary of the lawyer who offers services ranging from a maintenance claim to intellectual property procedures. If you are going to seek the services of a lawyer, make sure that he is specialized in the area of ​​law specific to your case. Even when you go to a law firm that offers a variety of specialties, make sure you are assigned a lawyer with experience in the subject you require.

2. Require the professional card number: In Colombia all lawyers They must be registered with the Superior Council of the Judiciary , which is the entity in charge of issuing the professional card to practice. If you contact a lawyer who for some reason does not have a professional card, be suspicious.

3. Choose a lawyer with a fixed office: Although it may often be a criterion that does not indicate anything (since the fact that a lawyer has a good office does not guarantee quality in services), when hiring a lawyer for whom we do not have references it is better to make sure that it has an address or a fixed headquarters where we can go in case of a claim or if we have any inconvenience.

4. Clarify rates and means of payment from the beginning : Clarify before hiring a lawyer what their fees will be , whether with a fixed price, with a percentage in commission or with an hourly price. Any type of additional expense or extra charges will have to be clarified and specified by the professional (for example, if the case requires hiring external professionals such as judicial experts or private investigators, it must be clear from the beginning who will bear those expenses).

5. Be wary of advertisements that offer you a "free trial": Any judicial process or trial entails expenses, so do not be fooled and distrust when they offer you services at no cost or prices that are strangely low for the market.

6. Remember that you are the one in charge : If you are not satisfied with the services or attention received by your lawyer, you have the right to change both the firm and the professional (so read the service provision contract carefully and very carefully). before signing anything). If you are dissatisfied with the work of your lawyer, you can file a complaint with the Secretary of the Disciplinary Chamber of the Sectional Council of the Judiciary of the city where the events originated.

7. The lawyer must constantly inform you about his process: The legal professional You are obliged to inform you of the status of your case, what stage of the process you are in and how you are managing your file.

8. Be wary of lawyers who guarantee 100% success: be wary of any lawyer who guarantees you a favorable ruling without knowing your case; If so, it is likely that he will either use unethical methods to achieve a ruling in his favor or that he is simply a charlatan.

9. Sign a contract: A serious professional will proceed to sign a contract for the provision of services once you accept their representation; This contract must specify the fees, the services to which the professional undertakes and in some cases the terms and time periods.

10. Check the background: Before hiring a professional do some research on your part (for example, how many cases they have won, if they have experience handling cases like mine, their reputation, etc.)

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