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Trademark Search and Registration Services for your Product

Trademarks are retrieved with the help of keywords that are annotated for them. Classification of trademarks is done according to the categories trademark lawyer, sections and divisions. A uniform classification method known as Vienna classification is used for the purpose of retrieving trademarks.

A trademark is an important sign for any company as it helps to distinguish the products of a company. A trademark can be a logo or a word or any graphical representation of the feature of a product. A trademark is an effective tool of advertisement for a company. It becomes a sign of quality of the products. It is essential for a company to protect trademark infringement. The company must ensure that no other organization uses the same as its own. Consumers buy a product on the basis of trademark the product bears. Trademark creates a sense of confidence in the customer about the company.

Before applying for a trademark a detailed trademark search is to be carried. Trademark search is essential to prevent any kind of trademark infringement. A range of trademark search services are available on the internet, some of these websites provide free trademark search services. We must be clear what a trademark search is. A trademark search involves a research of the trademark signs in all the legal records so as to ensure that a similar trademark is not found elsewhere.

A trademark search involves a detailed search of the trademark in the various records of government organizations and international organizations like World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). This search may also include the product catalogues, magazines, periodicals, internet websites and phone directories. Once we are over with the trademark search next step is to get the search evaluated from a trademark attorney who is experienced in such matters. Legal knowledge is necessary to interpret the trademark search results. The trademark attorney must provide accurate information about the results that he has inferred from the trademark search results. Incorrect information may lead to huge infringement charges on the company. After the search is validated and we have a genuine and distinct trademark we need to apply for the trademark filling a trademark application  form. A trademark application form can be filled online or it can be sent by post to the authority.

Filling an application is the first step in the trademark registration process. After the completion of the trademark registration process the registered trademarks are entered into the trademark registers. A regular renewal of trademarks is required so as to maintain a trademark for a long time. Certain companies provide services for protection of trademarks; these companies are known as trademark companies. Trademark office India is under the control of the central government of India. It is headquartered in Mumbai. There are four regional trademark office India centers located at New Delhi, Ahmadabad, Kolkata and Chennai. Each centreis responsible for its own region only and does not take application from other areas or regions. Applying for a trademark basically involves three main steps. It starts with a trademark search, followed by application for trademark registration and then the registration of the trademark.

Infringement of the trademark is an important issue and must be seriously dealt with. Proper search must be conducted and services of an expert trademark attorney must be taken to avoid any such issue.

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