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5 tips for training your puppy

 Do you want your dog to properly socialize with people and other pets? For this to happen, it is essential that you start training him as a puppy, as this will allow him to avoid inappropriate behavior and teach him the rules of his new home Dog training Houston.

One of the biggest challenges for those who have a dog for the first time is to train it correctly, but educating it is essential so that it lives in harmony with your family. You can teach him everything from basic things like listening to his name or knowing walking and feeding schedules, to tricks like jumping, pawing, or staying still.

At San Pedro we know that your pet is another member of the family, that is why we want to give you some basic tips that will allow you to train your dog in the best way.

1. Set the rules from the beginning

When your dog arrives at your home he is discovering a new space and new people, which is why it is essential that from the first day you start teaching him what he can and cannot do. If you don't want to let him climb on furniture or beds, you should prevent him from doing so; You must let him know the space where his food and water will be, as well as the times or place where his bath will be.

One of the first things you should teach him is to listen by his name, and for this, you can start calling him and once he approaches, continue mentioning his name so that he recognizes that you are referring to him.

You should also teach him to understand the word ''no'', because this way he will know what behavior is incorrect. You should give this command in a firm tone of voice that does not sound aggressive or excited.

2. Correct inappropriate behaviors

Does your dog bite everything he finds? Does he go to bed in places where he is not allowed to? When he performs these behaviors, you need to make him understand that they are wrong. It is enough to say no in a firm tone of voice and teach him what is correct.

For example, if he is biting a piece of furniture, you should tell him not to do it and show him a toy so that he understands that he can play with this object. Keep in mind that many of these attitudes occur when your pet is bored or stressed, so you should try to give him attention: remember that he is a puppy, so he needs to play and be active to burn off energy.

3. Do short training sessions

Puppies are like children: they are easily distracted and bored, so long training will only cause frustration in him. Ideally, you should do sessions of a maximum of 15 minutes and repeat them 2 or 3 times a day.

A very good trick is to do these sessions before your meal time, as this way you can relate your food with a post-workout reward. Always remember to congratulate him and make him understand what he is doing well!

4. Be patient with your pet

When training your pet it is vital to be patient, as this will allow neither you nor him to feel frustrated when training. Remember to be firm but gentle and understand that each lesson is a process.

5. Reward good behavior

Every time your dog does something well, you should let him know: you can say positive words, pet him, and give him rewards like snacks or cookies. In addition, it is important that you make training fun so that your dog does not associate these sessions with a boring experience.

With these tips you can start training your pet in a way that does not become a negative experience for either of you. Keep in mind that each dog has a different personality, and some may be more difficult to train than others; If this is the case, we recommend that you seek help from a professional trainer who can provide correct training to your pet.

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