Thursday, November 2, 2023

How to make your own Dog Obstacle Course?

 You love spending time with your dog, and there is nothing more fun than an obstacle course, even though this may seem unattainable. Fortunately, you can get the materials and equipment needed to create a homemade obstacle course. Don't worry if your dog doesn't practice it or has no experience in this type of Dog trainers Houston tx. There are many easy tricks for you to train yourself. He starts with simple jumps, floor beams, and tunnels, and you'll both be experts in no time.

There are a few things to keep in mind before creating a doggy obstacle course. First, take into account the space you have for each section (and extra space around it for safety). Nothing you design should be easily breakable, so your dog doesn't get injured while training. Be patient with his preparation and you will both have a positive experience.

Obstacle jump

Jumping is the first big activity you have to teach your dog if you are going to introduce him to obstacle jumping. And if you have a laundry basket and a curtain rod, you already have all the necessary tools to make some small initiation jumps for your pet.Do you have PVC pipes or any other plumbing element? These can be perfect for creating your dog's obstacles at home. The best way to set a jump is with moving rings, so you can easily go up or down depending on the level of your dog. To help you build a jump, from PVC pipes, here are some instructions.

Do you have a hula hoop? It has to be soft and flexible enough to use in a show jumping. When you start training your pet, you can simply tell him how high you want him to jump inside.

All obstacle jumps must be moldable. You don't want your dog to get injured if he makes a mistake.

Serpentine with Obstacles

Do you have orange cones from when your children played soccer? These are perfect for making an obstacle course. Place the cones in the same way you would place them for training or a soccer game.

Have you ever used bars that look like highway markers? These are perfect! These are attached to the cones, your dog will perfectly understand the serpentine route with these striking bars.

You want the streamer with the bars to be secure, so it doesn't fall over when you speed by. Just like jumps, these have to be eye-catching enough for them to remain intact when you run between them. Don't put them together or spread them too far apart.

Start slowly, letting him walk between the cones before running. You can teach her by walking with her and rewarding her when she does it or leaving the treat between the cones for her to do. When you train, order using sharp words with your hand so that he associates your orders with certain actions when you ask him to.


There are many ways to create a tunnel with homemade items. Did your children have toy tunnels? These tunnel-shaped toys, which are lightweight and foldable, are perfect for training your dog. Also, the advantage is that when you are not using them, you can fold them and store them easily.

Dogs who are new to this tunnel training also have fun with a box without a lid, as a tunnel. With the crate you only need extra support when your dog uses it. You can always start with small tunnels until he gets used to it.

If your dog has never done any type of agility training with tunnels, he will probably be reluctant to use them. You have to encourage him. Get into the tunnel with him and your dog will follow you. You can also put treats at the beginning, middle and end of the tunnel to encourage your new athlete to go through. Again, as in other training, be clear with your verbal commands so that your pet understands that you want him to go through the tunnel.


Ramps can be another additional obstacle in the obstacle course. Some wooden slats or blocks can make a simple ramp for him to climb up and down, but make sure there is no danger when dogs run up and down it.

Change the Order

Until your dog gets the hang of it and follows you with just your voice or gestures, change the order of the obstacles. This will help you better understand that each obstacle has its own indications, and this way you will not learn the route by heart.

Do you want to make it more fun? Add extra activities during the tour, like having him bring you a tennis ball at the end or jumping into a kiddie pool to bring back a floating toy. If you are practicing in the summer months, add sprinklers during the course to keep it cool - be careful not to let them climb the ramps wet as they can slip.

However, you decide the order of the obstacle course, your dog will have a lot of fun. To add, he will help you do the exercise necessary for this type of training and give him all the encouragement in the world at each obstacle. After a while, you can start timing and see how fast the course goes; You never know if he can become a professional.

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