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5 easy and fun tricks you can teach your dog


Difficulty level: Easy. You will only need some treats and a desire to have a good time together! It is one of the basic dog commands to learn all the others and the best option to start Dog trainers Houston tx.

  1. Hold the dog treat close to his snout to get his attention.
  2. Raise the hand containing the candy above him, getting him to follow the candy with his head and not just with his eyes. Keep it there.
  3. When your dog lifts his head to reach the treat, he will sit. At that moment you must say the word for the command: “Sit” or “Sit” will be perfect.
  4. Congratulate him happily and give him his well-deserved treat.


Difficulty level: Difficult. Although this is the command you should teach him after he learns to sit, this trick for dogs is not easy, because the position you are asking him to do is a submissive posture. This is a good time to apply everything you have learned from “positive training”.

  1. First you must give the command “Sit” or “Sit”. When he is sitting, show him the treat you have in your hand, just let him smell it without giving it to him at all.
  2. With your hand very close to his snout, slowly lower the treat to the ground, getting his head to follow.
  3. Once his head is pointing down, move your hand with the treat along the floor to get his body to lower as well.
  4. At that moment you must say the word for the order: “Echa” or “Tumba” are the usual ones.
  5. Congratulate him as always, with much affection and joy. Don't forget to give her her treat.


Difficulty level: Medium. Before teaching your dog to stay, you must first master the basic sit command, it will be much easier for both of you.

  1. First you must give the command “Sit” or “Sit” a few times to achieve an appropriate state of mind.
  2. Hide some treats in your pocket, open your palm in front of his snout, and say the command word: “Wait” or “Stay.”
  3. Take a few steps back. If your dog begins to follow you, tell him that he is wrong with the word: "No." If your dog stays still, go back to him and give him a treat from your pocket as a reward, while celebrating his learning. Don't forget that to keep your dog healthy you must follow the instructions with the recommended daily ration indicated on the packaging of dog snacks.
  4. Repeat this trick 2 times a day increasing the distance steps before returning to it so that your dog associates the word “Wait” or “Stay” with being still while you walk.


Difficulty level: Student! It is one of the most fun tricks for dogs, but your dog needs to learn other commands before he can play dead; He must know how to sit, lie down and stay still. If your dog is ready, you can now teach him how to play dead. Let's get started!

  1. Let's remember what the position of this trick is: it consists of remaining motionless while lying on your side.
  2. First you must give the order “Lay down” or “Tumba”. Then you must ask him to stay still by saying “I wait” or “Stay.”
  3. When he is lying down, pay close attention to which side he leans to get him to lie down on that side. 
  4. Gently push him on the shoulder until he lies on his side.
  5. Once it is in the desired position, you must say the word for that command: “BANG.”
  6. Pet him, scratch his belly and celebrate like never before, because he just did the trick you're dying to show everyone.


Difficulty level: Progress adequately. If you follow the proper order, the following learnings will become increasingly easier. 

More interesting than teaching your dog to fetch the ball or fetch things in general, is teaching it not to fetch anything. Thanks to this order we will prevent our dog from putting objects or substances in his mouth that could harm him.

  1. You don't need any basic command to learn “Drop”, but it will be easier if you are already used to learning. If this is your first order, you will only need treats and a lot of patience.
  2. Grab a treat in each of your hands and show him one of them with a closed fist while saying the command: “Let go.”
  3. Let him approach your hand, lick it, or nibble it, and ignore this behavior until he loses interest completely.
  4. The idea is to teach him that if he ignores an object he will get something better, so give him the treat from your other hand when this happens.
  5. Repeat the exercise until he moves away from the first hand when you say, “Let go.”

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