Cement Industrial separator
  O-X combined vortex powder concentrator 
  High-efficiency three-classification powder concentrator 
  O-Sepa High-efficiency Powder Concentrator 
  Combined Powder Classifier 
  Double-rotor classifier 
  high ratio screening 
  Ultrafine powder sorting equipment
  Environmental protection equipment
ADD:No.88,Youth Road,Yancheng City
    About Us

Jiangsu Yinengda Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specialized in development and production of building materials, environmental protection machinery, which consists of Yancheng Building Material Machinery Factory, Yinengda Grinding Technology Institute, High Efficiency Powder Concentrator Sales Company, etc. The company firmly establishes “promote new product development with technology innovation and win the market with product quality” as its purpose, and relies on a large number of innovative researchers actively to carry out the cooperation in respects of “production, study and research” with various research institutions. It has successfully developed the high-efficiency o-x combined vortex powder concentrator, three classifier powder concentrator, high ratio screening technology, YND series of environmental protection equipment, which have reached the leading level in China.
The company conducts management design, production, production and manufacturing in strict accordance with ISO9001 International Quality System Certification Standard, and continually adopts new materials, new techniques and new technologies to launch new energy-saving and environmental protection products with high technological content into the markets, which win high praise of users.
  By virtue of industry-leading technologies and active market pioneering spirit, Yinengda Company adheres to the principle of service “find good products for users, find users for good products”, has an edge in the increasingly fierce market competition, which has become one of the foremost in the building materials industry.

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Address: No. 88, Youth Road, Yancheng City  Telephone:0515-89912666 Mobile:15805102111 13805102212
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